Saturday, October 29, 2005


i just bought some new scents to uplift my spirits and to reward myself for a very untimely start of school.
I bought Baby Grace by Philosophy and D&G light blue, since my baby bro spilled it all over the bed.
also, some testers for tartine et chocolat and clinique happy.
i'm not much of a 'fragrance person' but that's how i manage stress.
power shopping.
gah. right now im searching for my next collection..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sleepy and bummed

No, no. I'm not having pork for breakfast.
This is freaking good.

Has anyone been harassing you?
Have you got their IP address?
Then Lookie, lookie! type in*whatever IP addie here*
and with a bit of luck, you'll find out who that is!
(or even hack into their PC's!)

i'm currently working on the *100 things I want to do before I die* thingie. Like most near death people do. Coz school is starting.

My 100 things to do before I die.*Be a jury for a court case
*plant sweet peas for my own garden.
*go to the land of the rising sun.
*be seen on TV.
*be seen on print.
*own a set of the whole series of family guy.
*well i'm thinking..i'll fill this out everyday!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Anxiety Disorder.

i just had an attack of panic anxiety disorder.

i felt so numb and weak and i wanted to shout and cry.
thanks to lizbeth, now i know what it feels like to be excessively anxious.
Well, maybe not :)
Animals have rights too!
Let's support PETA!
(y'know, those you can buy in tetra packs and milk cartons)
Manufacturers drug cows to produce more milk than it could.
working the cow's mamary glands up to 10x (yes, ten times,)
of its capacity.And all the produced milk will go to cartons,
leaving none to the poor bovine's litter.
Apparently, workers feed the litter with 'still edible' liquid stuff.
That's why cows are dumb.
And working out the mammary glands too much can cause it to produce...


yep. Pus!So next time you drink from a carton,
make sure you're drinking MILK.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


{}tell me again.{}
i have just finished watching one of momosu's videos over and over and over again.
ooh. how i love japanese girls.
i envy their skin, i envy their eyes. i envy their gestures.
but envy is a sin, so..
i worked out the mystery of bath salt.
nagtataka kasi ako kung bakit bath salt ang tawag sa kanya.
so using my green-tea scented bath salt..
tinikman ko ito!
at yes, salt nga talaga ito.

{}coz i didn't hear it.{}
suddenly, i noticed that i have been missing school so much.
the fun, laughter, kulitan, chismisan.
the sound of bwahaha, utot, singa, bahing, and pagmamayabang.
sa 24th pa ang pasukan..
and super sucky dahil 7:00 ang pasok.
what the?!
ibig sabihin non, 5:00 ako susunduin ng service.
i hate authority.
kung malapit lang sa skul ang houses niyo, freaking authority, wag nyong idamay ang iba.
pano naman ang mga taga caloocan? ang mga taga bulacan? ang mga taga antipolo?
magkaroon naman kayo ng awa.
o di kaya'y pagawa kayo ng dorm. :)
isa pa, lilipat sa HS ang annoying 3-6 students!
haaaaa? eh ang sikip sikip na nga namin sa HS kahit 400 students lang kami eh!
hala. paglaki ko.
bibilhin ko ang tingnan niyo lang kung ano ang mangyayari.

Friday, October 14, 2005


my favorite vids.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


gusto ko.
ng aligue.
tuyo flakes na nasa jar.
at itlog na pula.
i feel so country today.
kakatapos lang namin ng project sa comp sci.
at bumili ako ng cellphone charms form moi phone.
wala pa palang name ang fone ko no?
ok..from now on,
pangalan niya Pinky Boy.

Sunday, October 9, 2005

everything seems stenciled.


i just finished stenciling a shirt, bag, and jacket..
which totally sucks coz i haven;t reviewed for the periodic test yet.
i hate cramming.
sometimes i get jealous when i see other people cramming.
specially tin^2.
she crams while i suck on a pocky stick listening to teeny jpop.
there's still monday.
that reminds me..
i still haven't done my homeworks.
and that means i suck. a lot.
tomorrow i think i'll bring my cam to school.
i've been addicted to pictionaries.
and here's a nice story..

May nagbigay lang po sa akin
na kakilala... ingat

po kayo... I'm sure you guys have read all those

emails on taking all precaution

when going anywhere. Well, here's another one...

To those working near makati o dumadaan din...

just want to share this story....

Mga Prends ingat lang po, sa me mga kotse. My

best friend, who works in a reputable bank here in

Makati, experienced last Wednesday evening na

nakakashock to the bones. Going home from the

usual trabaho, sakay sya ng kanyang 1990 Honda

Civic. Pag dating daw ng stop light sa corner ng

Paseo De Roxas and Makati Avenue (sa Pasig

kasi sya umuuwi), suddenly, isang gusgusing bata

na may hawak ng sampaguita, ang nag knock sa

kanyang window, na parang nagmamakawawang

bumili ng sampaguita. According to my friend, he

ignored the little kid, by the senyas na di sya


Alas! ang ginawa ng little kid ay biglang sumenyas

sa dalawang kalalakihan na nakatayo sa di

kalayuan. Biglang kinabahan yung friend ko, pero

naka red light pa rin at talagang super traffic nung

time na yun. Pag dating nila sa tabi ng kotse ay

sabay sabay nilang binunot yung kanilang mga

kamay at saka sabay sabay silang tatlo na

nangulangot! Sabay sabay din nilang pinag

didikitan ng kulangot ang windshield, side mirror

saka handle ng pinto ng kotse!

Dahil sa pagkabigla ng kaibigan ko, nangulangot

din sya at dali-dali nyang dinikitan ng kulangot sa

kamay ang bata, gumanti naman daw yung bata at

pinunas naman ng bata ang kanyang sipon sa

may bandang bibig ng friend ko.

Samantalang lalong nagalit daw yung dalawang

kalalakihan, kaya't ang ginawa nila ay palit-palitan

nilang pinag duduraan yung kotse ng friend ko,

may mga halong plema daw at sipon yung

nagdikitan sa kotse.

Fortunately, nakita pala ng traffic police yung

nangyari, kayat tinulungan ng traffic police yung

friend ko, pinagduduraan nya naman yung mga

lalaking nangdudura. Nakita rin ito ng ilang drayber

kaya tinulungan din nila yung friend ko, nakipag

duraan din sila sa mga lalaki na nandudura. Ng

mag green na yung traffic light, naging green na rin

daw yung kalsada dahil sa mga hilaw na plema at

mga kulangot na nagkalat.

Kaya kayong may mga kotse, mag ingat kayo,

laging maghanda ng maraming dura at kulangot

tuwing daraan kayo sa kalyeng ito.


Saturday, October 8, 2005



Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.useat croutons.
this is so effing spiffy sick.
i had to make our project for Comp. Sci.
And i had to make the images.
Visual Basic effing sucks.
it makes me an effing dead biotch.
i'd be replacing most words by the word "effing"
you just don't know who will stalk you next.
And what now?
I have to buy a new digicam.
hell, if i can live on my own and make my own money.
pag ako naging mayaman, first project ko, baguhin ang uniform ng school!
Fabuleux Polka-dotty green and orange long sleeves at pencil line tapos gagawin kong private school ang school pero 50 pesos lang ang tuition.
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
now choose your fate.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Perky Perkins


so now.. i declare my other half..
my split personality.
right now my name is Dixxy
but wait a little longer and Perky Perkins may come out.
Dizzy is normal. Dizzy is somewhat normal.
Perky Perkins is wild and fun and vivacious.
and she likes to scuba dive.
i just came home from a basketball game.
talo kami, ofcourse.
pero samin ang MVP.
anggago ko nga mag cheer eh.
tapos yung banner ng lasalle nilagyan ko ng weh! sa likod para makita naman nila kung ano ang ibig kong sabihin.
tapos wala akong ID sling kaya bumili ako...ID sling ng lasalle..hehe.

tapos yung mga FEU kampi samin kasi ayaw nila sa lasalle..namamatok kase!
mga banners dun..
"huwag mambatok!"
"Inamo La salle"
basta pag yumaman si Perky Perkins.
babayaran na rin namin ang judges.