Tuesday, February 12, 2008


you know where to find me c:
add me as a contact muna :D
will be posting there unless very public info. haha.
may pakialamero lang eh.

i slept

missing lotsa people = verrry boring day.

guess what came in the mail today!
my letter from the OUR in up manila.
im healthy, yay.

also, slept during PE class and came in late for PnD.
ser anton (Juli-An) then asked me to fill out the form for the best in art chervalou for the recognition day, which, I CANNOT COMPLETE SINCE MY MEMORY IS FUKKEN PHAIL.
just wrote down random memories like the time i won first in the Asimo chuchu by Honda and the time i won first in the Tamagotchi chuchu by Bandai in the USA.

i fukken miss people.

also, charmander, char, char.

Monday, February 11, 2008

unblocking sites in the library.

this entry is all about how to access sites blocked in the UPIS library, and any other friggin computer which blocks certain sites.

earlier this day, mina and i went to the library. si mina, may pinrint dun sa college nya, ako naman, wala lang! eh diba nga blocked ang sites like multiply and friendster doon, so i spent a few minutes figuring out how to unblock these sites.

first off, the purpose of the school kaya nila binoblock yung sites na yun, i think is to save bandwidth or something. haha, pakibasa nalang kung nakakuha kayo ng error page :D

eto ha. step by step with pichoors!

1) Go to Google.com. it has to be google.com. type "IPSAFETY" in the searchbar. the first result would give you 'ipsafety.net' NOTE: going to this site directly (entering the URL in the address bar) would give you an annoying notice/error message. so just follow what i'm saying. you should see something like this:

2) click on 'cached'.
you'll be redirected to Google's cache of ipsafety.net.

3) enter the URL you want to unblock, in my case, http://www.friendster.com and http://www.multiply.com. click on browse. in case you get an error message, hit back and click on browse again. in case you get redirected to the same page or the page just refreshes, click on Browse! once more.

4) ???


ACTUAL PICTURES FROM THE UPIS LIBRARY COMPS c: shown here: my friendster home, multiply home, and frontpages. :D

Saturday, February 9, 2008

igor, ang papeles!!

1. Love me!
2. Kiss me!
3. Hold me!
4. Better!
1,2.. 3,4!

ayan. sa mga nagpapahamak samin kanina na hindi memoryado yan! haha.
bat ko nga ba alam yan? ewan..

1. fuck me honey!
2. give me baby!
4. BETTER!!!



tinggel, tinggel, little star.
how i wonder what you are.
up above the world so high.
like a dinosaur in the sky.

after nun nag bonding kaming apat, bumili kami ng synchronized syorts at saka ako naman bumili ng HOT PINK FOOTLESS TIGHTS mah babey! babalikan ko pa ung yellow. xD i have something to wear with my boots na! haha..

alam niyo bang six hours na kong nagpipinta at naka 40% na ko. ahha. parusa ito... X(

Friday, February 8, 2008

first cry sa year of the rat.

umaga pa lang naiiyak na ko kasi mahapdi ung mata ko. wahehe.
nanood kami nung kalokohang ofw and child labor eclavou, tapos nung p6 naman, inulit lang namin ung sa right hand rule tapos yung elims ng pautakan.

nung lunch, direcho akong molave to transfer pics and eat kina mikee.
at magpahiram ng charger, lokohan muna kami dun, nagtataguan ng gamit, bag, tsinelas, tapos nanonood ng kontrabando nang bigla akong tawagin ng bakunawa.

pinag-usap nila kame.
(oops, bawal dito!)

paglabas ko hindi ko alam na andun pa ung mga tao, akala ko nag pack up na sila. nakakahiya, andaming nakakita sakin na umiyak. wahaha. xD

alam kong may mga curious wag niyo nalang alamin. c:
(gaya ni lara). salamat sa oxytocin at plenty of hugs.

nung FD nagsaniban kami under the Gabbah.

(black sheep - negrong kambing)

tas nung uwian may kambing!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

okey may bago akong font.

padownload nalang sa http://deathmunkey.deviantart.com

actual download links: [click image to download directly]

for previews,


busy day with lots of action.
and money.


check latest folder to see all. have to be in my network.

sorry, concise post, have to do a lot!
have to conceptualize for the artwork i need to pass for the recognition cherbak. para sa pinakamahusay na best student at magaaral sa sining arts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

buang ako.

THE DENNE FONT. after an hour of copying, pasting and glyphing. (word?) i bring myself this. err, this is something i made for myself but i'm not madamot. (haha conya). get it here.


mascot mystery


ano kayang itsura ng mga tao sa likod ng mga mascot?
sila ba'y mga takwil ng lipunan, mga leper, mga mutant? bakit sila nagtatago sa makakapal na padding at tela? bakit di sila nagsasalita??


Tuesday, February 5, 2008


this entry requires a religious helping of PMS.

stat ko kanina:

sagot ni arlon sa stat nya.


¬_¬ ganyanan na...

tas nung isang araw pala..

hahaa.. drama llama.

nawks. wala na kong monies. xD

Monday, February 4, 2008

my name.

i found a link to this site from the owner of kao-ani.com a long time ago. just felt like posting my name meaning. this is by far the most accurate name interpretation i've had. by the way, know yours by clicking here. c:

* While the name Denise creates the urge to be creative and original, we point out that it causes procrastination, lack of confidence, and the inability to realize your goals and ambitions.
* This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid systems, and tension or accidents to the head.
* Your name of Denise gives you the ability to be creative along practical lines of endeavour.
* Your ideas can be very original and inventive.
* You enjoy being with people in a social environment.
* Your personal appearance is important to you, for you desire to make a good impression on others.
* Your pleasant manner attracts people to you with their problems and you are capable of offering practical advice, though you may not follow such advice yourself.
* This name causes you to be somewhat too concerned with the personalities, problems, and activities of other people.

* While the name Lara creates the urge to create harmony with people, we call attention to the fact that it causes a restless intensity that defies relaxation.
* This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the fluid systems, and solar plexus
* Your name of Lara creates a desire for association with people and new experiences, many of which have been rather bitter.
* This name has given you a gregarious personality and a quick-thinking, creative, and versatile nature, but one that is very emotional.
* You desire change and travel and would enjoy opportunities that allowed you to be creative and to act independently, rather than to conform to system and routine.
* However, this name does not allow you to complete your undertakings, as farther fields always look greener.

* Although the name Kamille creates the urge to be reliable and responsible, we emphasize that it causes an emotional intensity that is hard to control.
* This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the nervous system, worry, and mental tension.
* Your name of Kamille makes you very idealistic and generous, with the strong desire to uplift humanity leading you into situations where you can express your desire to serve others.
* You want to assume responsibilities and to look after people; however, you can become too involved in other people's problems and tend to worry.
* Your name gives you a natural desire to express along artistic and musical lines.
* You desire a settled home and family life, and are expressive and attentive to your loved ones.

nice neh.

highlight of the day: play namin sa filipino. check my vids out, medyo shaky since si mandz ung nag film c: sorry. xD ALIWWW!! PANSIT PANSITT!!!1 the best

Sunday, February 3, 2008

let me tell you 'bout the birds and the ducks.

TRUE STORY WITH NAMES CHANGED xD (vocal music class)

Gustavio: ano ba si DONALD DUCK? bird?

Carmelito: DUH. you wouldn't call him DONALD DUCK FOR NOTHING. If he was a BIRD, then you'd call him DONALD BIRD. DUH.

Gustavio: eh kasi.. malay mo..

Carmelito: STUPIDO!! The only bird in the world is LARRY BIRD! you wouldn't call him LARRY BIRD for nothing!! If LARRY BIRD was a DUCK you'd call him LARRY DUCK!

Victorio: and if LARRY DUCK was a POTTER you'll call him LARRY POTTER!!

Augustus: kaya nga DONALD DUCK kasi DUCK siya eh! TANGA MO!

Carmelito: yeah! if DONALD DUCK was a BIRD then they wouldn't bother naming him DONALD DUCK! it should be DONALD BIRD!!!

[guess kung sino sino yang mga yan! xD
clue: AMBAGAL KASi.]

Saturday, February 2, 2008

the day i bought boots.

and switched crystal cases.
and painted my nails.

i need colored leggings, nao.
and sundresses too!
okay. so i kinda got a pair of ankle boots from brazil. out of caprice.
and i don't know what to wear them with.
:D rule of thumb though: never with a medium length skirt.

i now know where to get my back tatooed.
CAT kanina. pinarusahan daw ba kami ni RIGO dahil sa wala, inuulit ko, WALA!!
bigla nalang kaming pinag singkwenta. haha. :D

tapos si arce, nakakatuwa.
naglaro ng snake (ha?) gamit kami.

when i got home, nagpokemon muna ko sa telepono ko, (I BEAT YOU FATHER!) kahit na matagal ko nang tapos ung version na yun (heller tapos ko na nga ang d/p) bago mag internet. then i found out na closed na pala yung site nung isang pinagbilihan ko dati na nagpakulo talaga ng dugo ko. xD first time ko makaencounter ng seller na ganun eh pero pinabayaan ko nalang.

before ako bumili sa kanya pinaghihinalaan ko na talaga to eh. di kasi marunong magreply sa texts. pasalamat siya't nauso ang unli. kaya lang kahit ilang bilyong teks mo eh walang kwenta. kelangan talagang tawagan. swertihan kung sagutin. kaya dapat ibang number gamit mo e. aksaya sa oras at effort talaga. xD read more about her here.
alam niyo ba, na ang love calculation ni ARLON + bespren niya forever and ever ay equal sa 1%?? samantalang ang love calculation ni ARLON at ng isang binibini ay 99%?! its a lot of fan!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

bikining empanada

wednesday. walang pasok.

pero, kelangan kong bumalik sa agency para magpa re-vtr.
so daan muna akong salon to get done. (actually, haircut lang. naiinitan ako eh.)
then daan akong store to buy 2 more crystal cases for my phone since nag crack yung una. haha. wala pang 3 days nagagamit basag na. silly soulja boy dance.

then i got dressed and had my face done (by moi). i really really don't like the feel of makeup. it's not natural. it's icky. it's heavy. on most days the only things i put on my face are colorless lipgloss and sheer blush (and on non-PE days, mascara, MINSAN lang.). i never put powder on kasi i hate retouching as well. on VTR days, i have to apply primer, concealer, mousse foundation, three different types of powder, powder blush, lip STAIN (lipstick is a no-no uless i only have to have it on for like 5 minutes, lead content), lip gloss, eye liner, different eye shadow, a thick helping of mascara, and a dusting of translucent powder. it's more than i could handle.

and i don't like wearing makeup specially when i ride public vehicles. ang init kaya sa pilipinas! kaya hindi ko maintindihan yung mga varsity na nagmamakeup kapag may game! teteng, inom kang gatorade bago mag warm-up, tunaw kagad makeup mo bago ka pa makaabot ng bangko.

so on the trip i had a fan and handkerchief in hand while listening to random pantera/symphony x/allegro/angra/etc. ayokong pagpawisan. shuckers. :x

tapos ayun, medyo bumait na sakin ung coordinators ng agency, haha. :D tapos vtr, chuchu, pictures, blah. SOMEBODY TEACH ME HOW TO SMILE PLZ.

and then we wentto trinoma para kumain at mag timezone, yay!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

gusto kong maging detektib

di ako nag-CAT ngayon. pumunta akong agency.
so talent na nga ako ng posh models. that's liek, wat?

nag vtr ako tapos pinapabalik ulit ako sa wednesday kasi walang kwenta ako magvtr. haha.
tapos pinadiretso akong studio something something sa makati para mag vtr ulit para sa isang facial care commercial chuchu.

nakipagkaibigan ako kay joyce na 6 years old. talent siya ng kung anuanong commercials. hahaha. tinuruan niya ko kung pano maghugas ng kamay. at kung pano kumanta ng the sweet escape ni gwen stefani.

nakakaculture shock. nabibigla ako... :c

tapos nag trinoma kami. wala lang din.

ang paghihimagsik ng bastardong amok

walang kinalaman ang post na to sa bastardong amok.

una, sa mga makulet, hindi ko na nga gagamitin ung luma kong id sa Y!M kasi may letter Z at ayoko ng letter z.

pangalawa, maam rox has a very weird family.

hindi ako pumuntang school ngayon.
diba turn ko nang hindi naman pumasok kahit minsan?
tama ba yun. magloko dahil may college na. ansama.

*at dun sa mga nakabasa ng post ko about the skwater definition of Speech Pathology, flyingchickenunicorn batman joke lang yun ng mga nang-aasar sakin na magpapayaman lang daw ako. alam kong it's not about making money. xD college isn't about makin money. and there's nothing easy with college. c: peace.*

kelangan ko pang pumuntang Makati ngayon.

may joke nga pala si cheche.
bakit matigas at maitim ang kanin?!


oo. hahaa. ansama.

sabi nga ni Boy Negro..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

goodnight sweet prince

heath ledger 1979-2008.

sabi na nga ba mamamatay ka this year eh.

Monday, January 21, 2008

buhay bading

bliss of the day part one:
today i am awarded my new phone for passing the upcat and stuff.
i just loaded it with metalshit and electropop for the fun of it.


bliss of the day part two:
the modeling agency of some sort contacted me today so i can do something this coming saturday for whatever the shit im going to do.

i am still in a whizzy zhizzy whirlwind..

Sunday, January 20, 2008

buhay bakla

perio nga pala bukas no? haha.
and i thought bukas na ang deadline ng novel analysis, may gash. buti nalang may panahon pa kong magreview ng econ at p6 tomorrow.

nga pala, magpaalam na kayo sa mga kinagigiliwan niyong messages sa cellphone ko ah!
You know what i'm talking bout! (clue: EVERY...) ahehe! may phone switch lang na mangyayari. ewan ko kung ililipat ko pa yung messages na yun for the sake of revenge or plain fun. ehe.

napakalawak na ng aking pinakikinggang music. ungenreable na ko, haha. :D from bluegrass to death metal. ang liit ng range no? ehehe. but surely. i know what i like and what i don't like.

nag heart to heart kami ni DRAGONbreath of life kanina.
dahil isa siyang dragon na taglibog.
medyo pinaliwanag ko lang ang kwento ko. :D at dahil siya si doctor love... kaching!
wahahaha. taeng buang :'c

oh sheyt. dragons exist, and i'm deranged. those are facts!
oh sheyt guitar sounds are orgasmic.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

senyorita rosela what i do?!

"i am your brother!
your best friend forever!
singing the songs, the music that you like,
we're brothers til the end of time!"
i woke up at around 5 in the morning. but i went back to sleep right away.
i didn't want to go to school. i didn't want to see the chosen && unfortunate few.
at around 7am, my mom started banging at my door. i said i had a headache and she let me be.

i didn't have a headache.

i slept all day. i forgot about my requirements, and the periodic test. :D what's there to review for anyway? three subjects? two of which are majors? oh really. i'm scared. :D lol. i never had a failing grade ever, i think it's time i get one, just to feel high school c:
and i have a college already! i don't need to be GC. haha, mentality. xD

i guess i'll have to read my trigo notes. i don't have anything for econ cos i never wrote down notes in that ugly fugly subject. it's the worst part of Social Studies there is! it shouldn't have existed in our curriculum. Z_O_M_B_I_E_!

may words of wisdoms pala si Francis Respect sa kin kagabi.
Haha wag mo patulan!
Isipin mo nalang, nakakita ka ng tae,
kala mo nagsasalita, di naman pala.ü
Pumasa ka (sa) UPCAT!
Tapos papatol ka sa utak lamok?
Pare naman!ü
this goes for everyone in my "to-do list". hahahaha. xD
hehehe. at least may kinabukasan na ko.
at least hindi ako aasa sa pagpasok ng CHK. lol. :D

pwede na kong magloko! xD wag lang sumobra.

Friday, January 18, 2008

panahon ng tag-lihim

grade ten nga naman.

kamadaling-araw, nag GM si Larson na may tourney daw ng bball ang o8 boys. matalo daw alipin ng isang taon. kulet. si Dube nagpadala pa ng tuwalya at deodorant. hahah.

that morning was dull. reporting sa econ && long test sa p6. mahiwagang hindi mahirap ang long test. inuna ko yung part na idedetermine yung value ng color bands sa resistor. fav ko yun eh. :D

nung lunch dumumog na kami sa Boston. litse, gumawa pa kami ng mga signs.
  • FOUL
  • *drawing ng ilong*
  • *drawing ng matang may mahabang lashes*

dahil binalya ni yeyey si kyle, nabaldado ito at nanalo ang molave. hehehe. alipin sina kyle. :D

after nun, guidance namin eh papanoorin lang namin si marci magrecital.



nung FilDrama naman, second part ng perio namin! ang saya niya.

first we had to draw cards which indicate what item we're supposed to endorse. i got VITAMINS. and damn i had to go FIRST. so pakapalan na ng mukha! naglagay pa ko ng pekeng boobs at nagboses uugod-ugod. luckily naka 30/30 ako dun. may dalawang tig-15pts pa after nun.

hindi pa kami nakapag-report sa FD! ;D overdue.

&&i lav it, grade ten.

bibili akong telepono bukas. wanna join? hehe.


may lihim sakin yung mga nasa PAC kanina. may pinagusapan sila pero ayaw nilang sabihin sakin. sabi ni Jolo pinopormahan daw ako ni pransis hahaha!
ay nako pasecret secret ka pa jan arlon tengson. :D

Thursday, January 17, 2008


today we made a friend. si SEAN. (sp?)

me: anong pangalan mo?
sean: SEAN!
me: anong section mo?
sean: kingder... kinder may... kinder maynoglia..
me: ahahaha magnolia! takot ka ba kay teacher mimi??
sean: opo

tas bumalik ulit siya.

sean: HOLDAP TO! sinong pangalan mo!
me: ako si denise!
mikee: ako si mikee
sean: ah ikaw si denise siya si mikee!!

ang kyut ng mga batang maliit.

* * *
hey! i finally got the hold of it!

people are either so darn bitter or so damn insecure that they call me whatever their conscience tells about themselves!

just like what ma'am rhea said! :)) this is why it amuses me!

oh well honey, sinong papansin sa'tin? nananahimik ako dito :D ano bang tawag mo sa pagpaparinig mo, pananahimik? you're the one who's papansin. i'm just what they call 'pansinin', :D typical idiot.

you suck and i don't give even a fraction of a fraction of a turdball of a damn, there's a bright future ahead of me. :D and did i mention that you suck ostrich eggs? wala na sa lugar yung pagiging isip-bata mo eh. antanda tanda mo na, hindi na bagay, at wala din naman akong balak pumatol sa isip-bata dahil hindi ko na iyon level. it's not even high-school level. :D pasalamat kang three months na lang manilenya na ko :D kundi nabanatan na kita :D i still don't regret anything. i never will. losershit of an attentionwhore.

behlat. walang kwenta ang mga panalangin mo dahil pumasa akong upcat. behlat. :p
magpakahirap ka diyan. haha. MEAN >:D

ang tamaan, guilty!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

anong trip to.

pinaplano na ng MC ang mahiwagang yearbook. pero palihim lang. basta ako ang photoshooper. i will shoop you.

naeexcite na ko sa lahat ng mangyayari sa huling tatlong buwan ng pananatili ko sa HS (patawad, mukhang na-higop ng upcat results ang kakayahan kong mag-inggles). ang prom. magka-cocktail nalang kami. ang gradball. ayoko na ding mag long gown. ang year ender namin. hopefully, beach na ha! at birthday na rin ni jexy at despedida ni kirey forever!!

ayoko nang mag-tube. hehehe. ayoko na din mag make-up. ayoko ng hairspray. come as you are!

at ano ang military science?


may nagpapanggap na ako

primero de todos,
hindi ako YFC member.

wala din naman akong balak sumali dun. :D

wag niyo naman gamitin ang friendster account ko sa masama (o sa sarili niyong kabutihan, either or, neither nor).

i've had enough of the interwebs, better stay anonymous. :D could anybody recommend a good fake name? :D

oeyt, join the drama.
the tatlombwan dramarama.
we'll be seeing each other again, right?
the los banyoers, the paguioers, the manilanians, we'll all be going back to diliman one day, right?
don't forget me, ayt?
ahehehe. :D i love it.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

sagot kay maykol

sa mga curious kung ano ang SP lalo na sa tatay ni CJ dls na si amang Manny at si maykol, ito ang skwater definition na jinojoke nilang depinisyon daw (para sa mga kabatch ko na inaasar akong magpapayaman lang daw ako.)


ito ay kasalukuyang quota course sa UP Manila at may buhay na apat na taon.

gets? hehe.

yan ah! lilinawin ko nang hindi ako ang nagdefine niyan! at joke lang yan by golly. xD

hindi ko maabsorb!

tae xD
eto pa pala. galing sa mycadaver.multiply.com

ang sarap lasapin ng
na walang asterisk.. :D ang malas nasa dulo pa.


hindi ko pa nagagawa ung papers sa business ng Man Deemy's. What the hector is a product mix?
hindi ko pa rin nagagawa yung analysis ng Hotel Rwanda. What the hector does Rusesabagina mean?
hindi ko pa nababasa yung Tundo. At test na bukas. WTF more than 1 inch din ang kapal ng librong yun. taeng malupet. hehe. pwede na kong magloko!! woof!!

pwede na kong manggago!! yahoo!
haha xD killjoy si 2008-06713!!

at kung curious ka may listahan ng UPIS08(bobo) qualifiers in
[excel worksheet] at [pdf file]. (para hindi killjoy)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


mas matamis ang tagumpay kung may karamay.

tanggap ko na.
na malaki ang chance na hindi makalipat yung mga yun sa Manila.
para daw akong gago, pinoproblema ko ung mga kaibigan ko. what the hector.

ito nga pala, dahil Hero si gabes at may powers siya. SCREENSHOT NG RESULTA KO.

ang sarap sa mata...


pero ansakit sa puso... ♥ :c

antagal mo yang hiniling....
ano ka ba dende, dapat masaya ka...
parang sumusuot din sakin yung lungkot nung mga hindi nakaqualify. tae.

oo sige na masaya nako. c:
ang angas ng student number. xD

wahh. HAPPY NA HAPPY NA :D congrats satin!!! :D ang matagal kong pangarap.
ang simula ng aking paghihiganti.. :D

up vanilla part 2

nakausap ko si mikee. point 1 nalang daw, point 1. ganun kaliit ang difference. pero ganun kalaki ang epekto. hindi pa pinagbigyan ng kung sino mang kumokontrol satin.

point 1 ang maghihiwalay samin. point 1. kung nakaabot si mikee sa cutoff ng manila masaya pa ko kahit dalawa lang kami dun. kaso kinapos ng point 1. ang laki pala ng magagawa ng point 1 sa buhay. masyado kaming nagexpect na makakapasok kami pareho sa SP. ang nakakabobo dito kung anong problema ng kabarkada mo problema niyong lahat e. lecheng point 1.

tatanggapin ko nang sa Manila ako mag-aaral. ang angas daw ng UPG eh. hehe.
wahh. lonely.

may isa pa palang problema. yung mga hindi nakapasok sa kahit anong campus.
it's a matter of qualifying into a campus daw eh. tae.

huy. ang magbanggit sa upcat sa lunes papaslangin.
pag binanggit ni maam lily sa flag, alam na.. xD

congrats ulit University of the Philippines Integrated School Batch 2oo8. sa wakas tapos na rin to..
up since kinder! c:

may part 3 pa tong dalamhati namin. ;)


gusto kong mag aral ng pranses.
mag-aral tayo ng pranses.

tapos kakain tayo ng cake. madami!

o44% passed. that's like, o_O

Friday, January 11, 2008


FOREFOREWORD: hindi ko alam kung dapat ko tong ipost eh. basahin niyo nalang ung unang parte, ung tungkol sa kaba namin.. tapos kung gusto niyong malaman ang resulta ay tingnan niyo nalang pero walang sabihan.

ang post na ito ay hindi para sa pagyayabang o para sa pagpapacool ng bats 08 bagkus ay para sa kinabukasan namin, para maalala ko ang mga pangyayari at maikwento ko sa mga anak namin, at para inisin si christine. haha. :) kung kinakabahan wag nang basahin.. c:

lunch non nung pumunta ako kina gio. bigla ba namang pambungad sakin..
"bukas o ngayon na daw results ng upcat.."


ako naman napaurong at nataranta. hindi pa ako handa! ihahanda ko pa lang ang sarili ko dahil sabi samin Jan 22 o Feb 9 pa lalabas.. nabobo talaga ako nun.
kami naman tong super intriga, tanong galore. source daw eh nanay ni marvie. reliable! tapos sabi din ni gabes. reliable?
tapos nadaanan ko si maykol. sabi naman niya eh naprint na daw nung 26 at jan 3 dapat nilabas. at sigurado daw siyang ilalabas yun before Jan 15..

so bumuo muna ako nung mga pang kinder na puzzles nina xtine.

nung hapon na, naguusap na mga guro!
eto naoverhear namin (umm, mejo retarded pandinig namin eh.)

*maam nedy, maam debs, maam arnie*
"Hahaha! 30% ang pasado!"
"400 lang ang pumasa!"
(ok, so kabarberuhan yan. pero naririnig namin ung 30% at 400)

edi kumalat ang kurokuro sa sanlibutan.

sinubukan ni maam arnie tumawag sa admissions...

nag ring...


...pero lunch break nila.


at may kumalat pang balita! ilalabas daw ng gabi ng Jan 11.


dug dug.

ayun ang tunug,

pagkauwi ko, nag OL kagad ako.
iniintay kong mag text ang mga tao.

nag GM si larson at maam rox

hindi eksakto pero parang ganito eh:
basta lalabas na daw ng hatinggabi ung results sa internet.

ang sabi kasi samin malalagay pa sa net ONE WEEK AFTER MA-POST sa totoong buhay!
double kahihiyan..

so ayan. nagintay kami.

teks teks muna kami ni pranpran.

nag-iyakan kami ni mikee.


tapos bigla ba namang may nagtext sakin!


basahin ang SUSUNOD NA KABANATA SA http://milkandtea.wordpress.com

that's http://milkandtea.wordpress.com. ayun. may rule kasi kami na bawal sabihin sa madla eh.. kaya ayan..

congrats!! TAPOS NAhhh!!!


magkakahiwalay kami :'( but we're happy. c:

pero kahit tapos na, nasasaktan pa rin ako para sa mga mahal ko sa buhay..
nalulungkot dahil magkakahiwalay na tayo. aww.


dis is da moment


i am dead.


pero honestly, diba mas masarap kung ikaw mismo nakakita ng pangalan mo dun na nakalagay sa papel? tanga ng ina ko. kill joy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

wala namang baklaan.

ang post na ito ay hindi isang secret post, bagkus ay isang contacts only post sa aking multiply! :)
wag niyo nang hulaan kung sino tong tinutukoy ko dito. comments asking will not be entertained!


wala kasing baklaan, pare.
lalaki ka diba?



ito nung wednesday. pumunta kami sa film inst para manood kay pareng JonJon Gross, the nobelarian.

sabi nila ampogi daw ni zobel de ayala. sige ligawan niyo na siya. tapos andaming natulog. kasi malamig.

nung uwian nagpunta kaming lutong bahay. para kumain. :)

lahat ng pics mula sa multiply ko. http://deathmunkey.multiply.com



dilaan mo!

mr. manong cameramon


zobel de ayala wafuu!

mina gising.

snorlax gising.

lon gising.

keke san ka nakahawak???

oh yesS!



the alcasids


bopis in da opis

pakwan for my katawan

siomai by da nanay!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

centennial etc.

happy 100th UP. proud to be 08. LOL.

nagtatampo si lonlon sa isang 'walang hiyang' bastardo. pati ata si marci eh. hayaan niyo nalang. o gusto niyo padaliin niyo buhay niya. lol. c: andaming nasa skul kanina. pati si Chakri na umitim. hehe.

sa wakas, wala na kong utang sa acads; nakapag-mek-ap na ko sa p6. nagulat nga sila ambilis ko daw natapos. eh minadali ko kasi magbabonding pa kami ng gmo eh.

nanterorista muna kami sa library.
dips: bawal yan naka rubbershoes
me: eh PE namin mamaya eh.
dips: mamaya pa pala eh di mamaya mo na blah blah
me: *napaisip: tanga pala neto eh lunch eh. so in the middle of his explanation,* HEH! >:(
me: *iniintay matapos si larson*
dips: ang mga di gumagamit dun muna sa couch..
me: nyenyeee tapos na sya ehhh!
dips: tapos na ba
bwisit talaga un.

nung na-cut ang classes, nagehersisyo kami. nilakad namin hanggang syapping para bumili ng shek. tapos bumili kaming suka (4.75php haha). tumambay kami sa waiting shed dun sa sulok ng kung saan man (hindi kay long hair ha) tapos nakita namin si gabez na tinawag naming Gabrel. hehe.

tumuloy muna kami sa sunken. takte, ang init. nanegra ako (tutsi?? hutu?? hututsi???). dun kami nagbonding medyo (boyyyscoouuuuttsss... and daming boysssscoutsssss.. xD).. eh inantok ako. kaya umuwi na ko. sila naman tumuloy sa parada.

at para naman sa aking CHRISTINE TRANSLATION::

noong kumakain ako ng isang judge at isang mon ami nun, nagtatampo si lonlon sa isang 'walang hiyang' bastardo. pati ata si marci eh. hayaan niyo nalang. o gusto niyo padaliin niyo buhay niya. lol. nangyari to habang nakikinig kami nung kantang 'Cool' ni gwen stefani. c:

hahaha. tama na baka umiyak.

Monday, January 7, 2008

mad fit

are you a HUTU POWER or a TUTSI F*CKER?



BASTARDO... >: (

takteng yan. one more step. and you'll be branded a mo fo bastard for life!!! X(
may nakapaginform lang sakin.. :D ewan ko kung paniniwalaan ko pero syempre diba, the FACT that.. irghh. mad fit, mad fit..

ewan ko sayo. i hope i forget about you the moment we all lead our own lives. all i know is that i'll try not to be able to recall your silly name in 10 years max. you made me waste about 5 minutes of my precious life. xD and yes, i am mean. xD

eeegsss... bakla. xD si angge bakla.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

trinoma day

tinatamad talaga akong mag CAT kanina e. e di naman ako pwede tumakbo nung PT kaya nagpacrunches situps pushups forever nalang ako. sabi ko nga kay rigo magpagawa ng 200 eh. medyo manhid na kasi ako sa crunches.

nagyaya si kebin na pumuntang trinoma so sumama ako. nagtimezone kami, yung percussion chuchu. ang saya. nananalo ako. hehe. tapos merong isang kanta na lagi kong napipili kasi di naman ako marunong magbasa ng intsik. naglaro din kami ng DDR na walang kwenta.. nagpapurikura din kami for 110php. ambilis maubos ng pera pag sa timezone!

Friday, January 4, 2008

kikay friday c:

[all photos from my multiply. http://deathmunkey.multiply.com. just go there to view em in full resolution. you have to be my contact c:]

nagsimula ang araw nang antok na antok ako.

econ pa lamang, sabaw na. si sir mar jovi ang nagturo (kung ano man ang real name niya). ang tanging pumasok lang sa kukote ko ay Quasi-Money.

pagdating ng lunch, pumunta muna ako sa Molave upang bisitahin ang GMO. nagkwentuhan muna kami, nagdamayan, nagdramahan... tas biglang sumingit sa girl talk si miguel nang mapag-usapan namin ang isang balita tungkol sa isa sa aming pinakamamahal na kaibigan.

mikee: uy nakikinig si miguel sa girltalk.
denne: bawal! dali magsalitang bakla kayo..
miguel: salitang bakla? uhh.. KEBIN REY!
tumambay kami sa labas ng room habang nagpipinturahan ng kuko at naglalaro ng ouendan. talaga namang sumisigaw ang mga kulay ng pinturang dala ni paks.

may photo-op muna..

tapos nag-klase muna kami..
angge: what part of your college or university would you like to change?
june: my attitude.
tapos nun, fildrama. masayaaaaaang masaya ang klaseng ito. nakup, sabi ni maam, yung direktor ay di pwedeng umarte. andaming gustong umakting. kami ni mikeh at eki ang bahala sa costume (70's). madami kaming ginawa.

tapos may laro kami, yung action reaction chuchu keber.

aarte ka na parang may pinapasa kang bagay sa kasunod mo sa pila ng kabilang grupo. bigla ba namang si jes, suminga *kunwari*, kaya lang may lumabas na sipown. so we therefore conclude na ang energy nga ay natatransform into matter. c:


tas pag-uwi ko pink na yung pader ng kwarto ko. hahaha.