Monday, February 11, 2008

unblocking sites in the library.

this entry is all about how to access sites blocked in the UPIS library, and any other friggin computer which blocks certain sites.

earlier this day, mina and i went to the library. si mina, may pinrint dun sa college nya, ako naman, wala lang! eh diba nga blocked ang sites like multiply and friendster doon, so i spent a few minutes figuring out how to unblock these sites.

first off, the purpose of the school kaya nila binoblock yung sites na yun, i think is to save bandwidth or something. haha, pakibasa nalang kung nakakuha kayo ng error page :D

eto ha. step by step with pichoors!

1) Go to it has to be type "IPSAFETY" in the searchbar. the first result would give you '' NOTE: going to this site directly (entering the URL in the address bar) would give you an annoying notice/error message. so just follow what i'm saying. you should see something like this:

2) click on 'cached'.
you'll be redirected to Google's cache of

3) enter the URL you want to unblock, in my case, and click on browse. in case you get an error message, hit back and click on browse again. in case you get redirected to the same page or the page just refreshes, click on Browse! once more.

4) ???


ACTUAL PICTURES FROM THE UPIS LIBRARY COMPS c: shown here: my friendster home, multiply home, and frontpages. :D

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