Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i have a habit of making googly eyes out of random pics.


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i want sung song.

kung merong killer game, alam nyo bang merong mafia game?
oo. hindi nga lang uso sa Pilipinas. :)

this is excerpted from here

Pre-Game Instructions
Prepare a deck of cards, paper, pencils and at least six players. When all players have assembled, count how many people are in. From the deck, take as many cards as there are players according to the following list:
  • 6-7 players = 2 black cards + others red
  • 8-10 players = 3 black cards + others red
  • 11-13 players = 4 black cards + others red
  • 14-16 players = 5 black cards + others red

Inform the players of the number of the black cards included.

Game Schedule

Sunrise Phase

First step is to divide the players into two teams. Each player gets one card from the prepared and shuffled deck, secretly looks at the card's color and returns the card to the deck. Then everybody closes their eyes and lowers their heads. Someone starts counting aloud (usually the person who dealt the cards). After number 5, s/he continues to count silently until 15, then s/he resumes counting aloud until 20. During the silent period, the players who got black cards, should open their eyes, raise their heads, and look at each other, then close their eyes and lower their heads again. On count 20, everybody should open their eyes. Now, all players are divided into two teams. Mafia are the players who saw each other and therefore know each other. Honest people are the players who saw nothing, don't know each other, and don't know who the Mafia members are. This is the only advantage of Mafia: they know each other. Honest players have to suspect everybody, but they have an advantage of being the majority. The main struggle during the next phase will be between the informed minority and the uniformed majority.

Day Phase

Talk... At any moment, any player may put another player in the "suspected to be the Mafia" position. S/he should (better) provide grounds for the suggestion. Everyone (including the accused) has a right to argue. But when the accuser asks to vote, everyone should vote by raising their hands. If the majority of the players (not counting the accused) votes for "Guilty as member of the Mafia", the suspected player is "sentenced to death" and s/he is out of the game until the end of the round. If the accuser fails to get the majority on her/his side, the game continues with the same number of players. Accusations may happen any number of times during the discussion. Players who are eliminated from the game do not reveal their identity until the end of the game and should not try to help others who are still in the game. There is no way to know the team identity of the "dead" unless you have the next phase.

Night Phase

This is the only phase when you can find out if all Mafia members have been eliminated. So, once in a while, someone should propose to have a "Mafia Night". If the majority of the players who are still in the game agrees, the Night begins. Everyone takes a pencil and a piece of paper, and secretly writes on them. Honest people must write "honest" on the note, while members of the Mafia must write the name of the person, whom they want to eliminate from the game. After that, everybody puts their notes in the middle and someone reads them. The number of the notes with the names will reflect the number of survived Mafia members, so the players will know if they have "killed" an Honest person or a Mafia member during the day. If the same name appears on all Mafia notes, the named person is "murdered" and is out of the game until the end of the round. In any other case, the named players survive the Mafia attack and the game continues with the same number of players.

For example, if three members of the Mafia are in the game, there should be three notes with names on them. Only if all three notes have the same name, that person is "murdered". If only one member of Mafia is still in the game, her/his single shot will be enough to eliminate somebody.

The game ends when there are no shots during Mafia Night or all Honest people have been eliminated. Start again.

Pointers for the beginners
  1. Players are free to introduce new procedures during the game, but no one has to follow them unless she/he finds their usage at that moment reasonable.
  2. Accidental or purposeful peeking by red card holders during the Sunrise Phase should be discouraged, however it will not give any advantage during the game. Trick of the game is always to persuade others to accept your knowledge and never to have the knowledge per se. By the way, this is the reason for my reservations of including different knowledge bearing characters (inspector, angel, seer). The only knowledge in the game is Mafia connections, everything else is artificial.
  3. Paper and pencils should be the same for everybody. Otherwise, it will be easy to find who have written what during the Mafia Night.
  4. For a new group, unless a clear leader emerges, the first round may be a little slow. In the second round people who were unjustly eliminated have enough drive to prevent it from happening again. The third game is great without any reservations. If a group has someone who played before, s/he should provide initial leadership from the beginning.

If Mafia wins, each surviving Mafia player receives a number of points equal to the initial number of the Honest players. If Honest wins, every Honest player receives a number of points equal to the number of surviving Honest players.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


was supposed to rise 7:00. well, i did, but felt the urge to shut the world and went back to memeland. woke up around 8:30. :s

ngayon alam ko na ang proseso ng pagpili sa prinsipal. one word: DEPENDE :)
una, magpapatipon ang Dean ng Search Committee (starstruck ito).
matapos noon ay magpupulong ang pakulti, kasalukuyang prinsipal at ang search committee. maglalahad sila ng kanikanilang summaries, hangarin, atbp. Magkakaroon ng nominasyon kung saan ang nominado ay dapat MARANGAL, HINDI KRIMINAL, at higit sa lahat, MALUSOG.
maaaring inominate ang sarili. kapag hindi nag-object ang nominado, magpapasa ito ng vison paper atbp. saka magkakaroon ng interbyu sa mga pakulti at stap. ang resulta ng interbyu ay ipapasa sa dean. kapag walang nagpakita ng interes na lumahok sa nominasyon, ang kasalukuyang prinsipal ay mananatili sa kanyang puwesto para sa susunod na termino... (horror ayon kay nessa)

Maam Dedette : ano ba yan, sembreak na hindi pa rin kayo tapos? ano bang subject yan??? sinong teacher dyan grabe naman sya..
nessa: maaaam... MC po...
other teachers: hahaha ikaw pala eh
Maam Dedette: wag kayong maniwala dyan sinungaling yan.



Monday, October 29, 2007


♥tomorrow, is MC DAY. at least for neng ang me.

and guess what..!
i woke up extra early to catch little buggers and search for new cracks @ France (my town in Animal Crossing: Wild World, harhar) and I DON'T KNOW HOW THE F*CK IT HAPPENED BUT HERE GOES.

The following pic may make you wonder, ogle in awe or disturb you. do not view when drinking coffee.

omg. however silly it seems, I VOTED. i FUCKENN voted.
all those prodding eyes in that place.

first time ba nila makakita ng maputi? anlalakas makatitig.
And there was this creepy guy who was standing behind me. BACK OF DOOD YOOOR NOT GETTING A PEEK OF MY CLEVELAND! (well, it does show, i was wearing Bora wear, like how i dress up when running errands, LULz).

♥Have you gone to my friendster acct? uploaded 30+pics of today. i seem to like uploading in bulk.

♥and oooooh! i'm kinda in a european song frenzy, so, if you find some good 'ol ambient song (preferably in french, or POLISH, heck!) tell me right away.


have you seen Guitar Hero 3?

Guitar Hero 3 The third installment comes out today. This song seems simple enough to master.


♥And i am officially starting to want to be an Ellen Adarna defender for whatever crap they say about her. whythefuck does anyone have to bitch about her being gangbanged when she was in 6th grade?!that is sooo totally Bel-Air. : (

♥ ME WANTS LUXURY BAG, NOW. (i also need autumn-y colored platforms, and WHATTHEFUCK is ERROL's 1x1 grade something pic doing in my wallet!? i collect studio pics not 1x1s!)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

♥ web comic? oho-ho-ho.

walang general title or theme ito.
pero masaya talaga magdrowing gamit ang ds.
kaya ayan, ang aking webcomic na pinamagatang..
Question: just how do you fit six fingers into a nose?

Question: What is it like to be a nose? (ideya ni pael hahaha! that's deborat btw)

at ito na ang simula ng OHOHO. ito nga pala si Master Apples, ang kaunaunahang natuto ng Hunching Turtle teknik of Southern Tagala. Sya ay ang Class S na Halimaw na master ng maraming fighters. Isa syang mabuting titser.. Ngunit matatapos ba niya ang pagtuturo ng Hunching Turtle teknik sa ating bida?

yes, i AM Donna Neve.

we've got rights

M.C. is teh killen meh!
nessa and i still have to meet Monday to do our front page article for the school organ (Aninag). It's some dang scrap about the new principal.

tomorrow imma get some fresh ink for the beloved cake of a printer and also
to VOTE. oo, boboto ako, howevermuch i hate to do so. BOBOTO AKO!!

dang. ung articles pa pala and me dissing ps3.

Friday, October 26, 2007

i don't watch tv

i used to be a couch potato.
pero ngayon wala na akong alam sa TV life. hahah.well the thing is that
I think it's or whatever, basta andun si Polo Ravales. they sang BARTENDER. and it was awful. I don't really know kung bat kelangan palaging apat ang nasa production number (hahah, itchyworms! "dapat apat dapat!"). A pain in the ARSE!! nakakangilo pakinggan.. xD sorry pero IMO lang naman.. :)

eto nalang. 300 SPARTAN APPLES!

will finish post later.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


just how do you read " :( " ?

i am so gay, i stalk celebs.

hahah. enough of that.

since a lot of people had been asking for an update (mind you, i AM always online, need to keep the connection to pirate, harr!) it's just that i'm either AFK or TDL (too dang lazy) to write something.

♥today i want to tackle an issue about people being snobs.

yes, i art one of them. our driver calls me a snob. even my mom says i'm suplada. but what's with it really? why are people being so snobbish?

in my POV, i am a very moody person. when i'm a cloud, i'm a cloud: i drift with time. when i'm a rock, i'm a rock: nobody can tell me what to do. i like my privacy. my network is my responsibility: i am COMPELLED to choose my friends.

now for you.

wag naman kayong mainis kapag may ayaw makipagkaibigan sa inyo. Bakit, guguho ba mundo niyo kapag hindi kayo pinansin? siguro it seems na kapag di kayo pinansin, masungit na. maangas na. nagmamataas na. eh kung ayaw talaga, wag nang pilitin. Eh ano naman kung hindi ka inaccept sa friendster? o sa multiply? o hindi nagreply sa message mo? Mahirap magkaron ng madaming koneksyon. Lalo na't i have trust issues. I balance my friendship like how i play Pokemon, konting pkmn lang at dun ka magconcentrate. sana naiintindihan niyo.

salamat sa panahon.

♥ AFTER SEEING ANGELICA PANGANIBAN'S DRESSING ROOM PICS. here's a funneh shirt saying! : i'm fat but i can slim down; you're ugly and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Monday, October 22, 2007

♥ italia!!

inspired ako; ng isang windang. ayan. Urami Shikabane. supaaa sugoiiii. :) ayos ha. mafia girl. :) i hope to add a little bit of chinami and mei karuma as well. yerfff, i have yet to find a eeny-weeny bottle pendant to put poison in, hahar. though i DO have a bottle pendant, may laman nga lang.

why do i always have a thang for glum, eerie, mafia girls with strange laughing manners and head traumas. (and black dresses, meoww!)

great. moar rzn to be an awfully rich bomb. swear, when i get my first 5-zeroed-k monthly salary imma buy myself something screaming cha-f*cking-nel! but hell i ain't going for the plastic surgery, ain't a jocelyn wildenstein wannabe!!!
cute nehh?? two of my faves in the cometes collection of chanel.
eto pa. trinkets from my other fave, Louis Vuitton.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

♥ i'm back to the geek type!


yeah yeah yeah. i know a LOT of people had been messing up with me.
even those who i haven't even talked to personally.
even those who don't even know what my last name is.

i'm not seeking for attention. i'm not seeking for fame.

what is fame, anyhoo?

is it the number of people you're with?
is it the percentage impact your name makes?
is it the amount of people who know you by nickname?
is fame all about figures, decimals, fractions and such?
does fame have anything to do with 'mathics and 'rithmetic?

fame. a word concerning hidden truths (read: lies).

i'm not aiming to be famous.
i'm aiming to be successful.

i don't go for the short-run.
i go for the long-run.
i don't go for the short-term.
i go for the long-term.

call me whatever.
call me 'just a pretty face'.
call me a 'dominatress'.
call me a 'temptress'.
call me a 'seductress'.
call me a 'boss'.
call me a 'bitch'.
call me anything you want.

'cos it all boils down to whatever we become a few years from now.

karma, dearests. karma.

happy cos you get money from your mommies?
happy cos you get attention from your 'friends'?

ack. i am not moved by your ramblings and random harshness out of spite.

out of spite. out of spite. naww. pathetic.

i could just wait and see you with your fetus-infested uterus(es), smoking pot wondering whether to get a divorce or marrying that rich old man. studying in a second rate school, and not be able to make anything out of yourselves outside high school. hay buhay.

♥ sucralosers

ayoko nang pumuntang dentista forever.
but what can i do, O.C. ako sa ganitong mga bagay. HIHI.

know what, i've got my principles. i've got my reasons. and i'm friggin sixteen!
sooner or later i'll be making 30k a week!
and i accept the fact that not everyone's bound to like me, same as not everyone's bound to like YOU either.
shake up kid, MOVE ON!

:P just one more sem to go.
one friggin tiny semester and it's summer o8 beybi?

so. mensahe ko lang sa mga patuloy na naninira sa kin,
hehe, hindi na nga ako gaganti. it's plainly a show of immaturity. and i can't go on telling everyone i enjoy being young, cos with being young comes responsibility, and innocence. of course, a sense of maturity. :]

at least i'm RATIONAL.
at least i'm ORIGINAL.
at least i know i'm more PHOTOGENIC. :]

def leppard, i love thee!!!! lolololz.

ETO NGA PALA O, hahaha. nakita ko lang:

Posted 23/04/2005 04:49 (summer before grade 8?)

* si denden ai mahilig sabihin ang mga
katagang "excuse po!!"
hehehe.... mahilig rin yan sa powkemown
lalo na kai pikachu.... kalbong pikachu

oke u raff u rose! actuary.. i raff. but im wein!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

♥ again?

if you haven't been to my profile lately. yay, restored external css.
sem break, officially. after the comdevt torture which was definitely something high school kids shouldn't be doing (agreed).
a LIST of things i'm supposed to do this sem break:
[x]buy a new pair of contacts
[ ]lose 10 pounds or more
[ ]go to the dentist :x
[ ]GET THAT PORSCHE 911!!! >:(((
3 more to go!! 3 more!!!! :P


next sem nga pala.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

yay contacts

since adi had been asking why i'm using colored contacts.

1) the clear ones are only 100php+ cheaper.
2) the clear ones are REALLY hard to find when you drop or misplace em!
3) i look evil with brown eyes. i've got brown eyes. and they're evil.
4) eye color should be lighter than hair color. my hair is naturally ash brown. i stopped dyeing it na.

since ive got peachy undertones i'll stick with hazel and green, yehey. :)

♥and no make up. PISS.

looking forward to Sembreak o7. and surely Summer o8!
still haven't done anything. comdevt.english.phisics.trigo.even our aninag article.demn. how could you not tend to slack when you're too preoccupied with yer pokemans! oh well im not preoccupied with my pokemans but i sure am preoccupied with something! and the best part is that it isn't imaginary. :P

im a woman. i can hold on to it forever!

♥WOOT. MONTHSARY. happy MONTHSARY and sixteen days :) 'nlabo. and 3rd amends monthsary in 1 week!♥

HEY KIDS! GUESS WUT. im sixteen! and i'm not the big-mouthed wussy kid type, i like to keep it cool and clean. (c2 ito). i keep myself contained. prolly immune. ever since lara's words of wisdom, approved even by ESN! how bloody dastardly.
im tryinnabe mature here, geez. words are just words. they don't hurt me as much as they don't hurt perez hilton. blame me for your nonbeliefs and caffeine addiction, but don't blame me for anything i haven't done. :) i sure like to play games-games but life games , get reeel. i love playing simulations, not real-time. :PP go play ur pokemans while i play mah lief and go watch ur smut while i watch mah progress! :PP

Friday, October 12, 2007

food is overrated.

had been loading my DSlyt with movies. and by movies, i don't mean just those. heheh. someone give me a 2 or 8 gig micro sd card plees.

i will never use powder and cream cosmetics EVAR. no. neat eyebrows, doe lashes. all i need. lip balm too. and a bit of cheek stain para nga daw si maputla (c/o ate gabbah). no face powder din, YUCH. may gatsby sheets naman at evian, wahaha :)

MOAR of MEH today:
YES kids, laid off the external css and fancy profiling, hidden codes and other sh*t. nakakatamad na kasing mag code ng bago everytime friendster updates (which is, ALWAYS). sticking to the luxury matl's, teehee.

oh yeah, KYOTOCOLOR is ♥!

Thursday, October 11, 2007


ola amigos y amigas pengeng copy ng mga creative and formal shots nyo once they're out! OYEH!

Proud achievement of the day: tinuro ko kay Bj ang riff ng smoke on the water! YESS!!! xD babaw
food of the day: corned beef.
finished product of the day: talupatty, its teh seckz!

woah. WHORTY. :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ya rly,dun care bout ur pkmanz

pictorials :)
i was the first MC parsans to get to school. I WASNT WEARING MY UNIFORM, for starters.
maam dedette was there, with maam mimi. the G.I. parsans were also there, setting up.
next to come was ale. followed by the track team and moar MC parsans.

i wasn't satisfied with my formal shot. i should've smiled.
BUT, my creative shots were CUTIFUL. ♥_♥ all of them. frowning, pouting, smiling, terribly charming.

mabigat ang 11 na 500ml bote ng mineral water.
kare-kare is LOVE! - so is june martin ang JERO PAGUIO.

i loved angge's creative shot (as edward scissorhands). conrad's surgeon with a saw antic was kewl. most of the girls wore costumes intended for doing porn (hey, at least mine was naivete-based and i was wearing an innocent smile!), mikko's space man crap, arce's mafia with a violin, francis' hustler impromptu get up, plus i got to star in Miggy's 'heroes' creative shot as the feather boa girl.

gah. love. :)
it's the seckz.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Agapito = Lord

hands down to June Martin and his Speech a while ago in Filipino 10. :]
his talumpati was about tinapay. we should all thank Mr. Tengson!
(nagbabasa kasi si Arlon sa 'notecards' nya, kaya pinagbawalan ang kahit anong written form sa podium except ung keycards. :) nahss ) kaya ayun, bara-bara si june, pero laughtriipp paree!! tawa kami ng tawa sa lugar namin (beji, me, arlon, jolu, etc..) kaya binigyan kami ng libreng tinapay.

words of wisdom from Mr. Early7

sa totoo lang, pagtanda ko.. gusto kong maging baby.. be.. be.. baker pala..

refined bread.. madaming ingredients, tulad nitong crossinni, madami din tong ingredients..

ay ay ay alam nyo ba dati pag mahirap ka, maitim ang tinapay mo.. tulad ng.. chocobread..
waw. good luck sa Narra sa func bukas!! :)

good luck din sa talumpati ko sa thursday. at sa pictorials sa wednesday! haiii..

i dun care about ur pokemans in fact i never rly cared abt j00.. : )
i.must.stay.happeh. :D

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bogart Swit Saliva!

ayan. sa wakas lumabas na rin ang 4th installment ng series ni talibong1.
called benjo ang pagsalakay (the rise of the black-bord).
hehe. tagal ding inintay yan :]

ayun. at least diba pag nagdadrama ako i mean it and the words are better formed. :p

wala akong magawa kaninang may brown out. nagsulat ako. nang nagsulat. tas niliyaban ko. kasama ng ibang pictures. tas nilagay ko sa brown bag. :) eehehe.

syet. i finally got the logic of this!

i'm afraid to love because i'm afraid to lose. and i'm afraid to lose because..
i can't accept the fact that i can't always be a WEINER!!


ayan o. friendster ni marianne. o di kaya ay MARRIANE o8!

heheh! geh geh behave na.
ngayon ngayon ko lang nagets kung pano manalo sa Tennis Masters! haha! yehs! 40-40 deuce ampf advantage player 2 tas game pa nya amf

geh geh. sige. trash talk na eh.

mabuti pa ang langit.
may pakialam sakin.
kahit alam nitong ayoko sa ulan.

siguro nga'y bata pa ako.
tatawanan ko lang 'to,
ilang taon mula ngayon.

kumanta na kayo ng
kahit ano wag lang
'Don't Speak' !!! :))

drawing (10/5/2007 8:24:38 PM): nagbibigay ba sila ng gym badges

painting (10/5/2007 8:25:51 PM): gym leader naman!

drawing (10/5/2007 8:26:35 PM): ket na

drawing (10/5/2007 8:26:46 PM): sagwa pa rin kasi may gym na kasunod

drawing (10/5/2007 8:26:58 PM): GYM PERSON DANNY WANNA BATTLE

drawing (10/5/2007 8:27:13 PM): GYM BUDDY DANNY SENT OUT JIGGLIPAPA

painting (10/5/2007 8:27:20 PM): \JIGGLIPAPA!!

drawing (10/5/2007 8:27:24 PM): oo

painting (10/5/2007 8:27:31 PM): JIGGLIPAPA USED TRASH

painting (10/5/2007 8:27:36 PM): JIGLIPAPA IS CONFUSED WITH HIS GENDER

painting (10/5/2007 8:27:54 PM): BECAUSE HE CANNOT ACCEPT THAT HE CANT

painting (10/5/2007 8:28:01 PM): HE SLITS HIS WRIST

painting (10/5/2007 8:28:02 PM): xD

drawing (10/5/2007 8:29:00 PM): hehe

drawing (10/5/2007 8:29:02 PM): WEINER

Saturday, October 6, 2007

♥this day is for quotes.

I've learned that you can't make someone love you; all you can do is stalk them until they panic & give in (=

You get one chance; you mess up.
You try to fix things & sometimes,
it'll work out, but sometimes it won't.
Everyone deserves a second chance,
but not a third.

Flatter me, & I may not believe you.
Criticize me, & I may not like you.
Ignore me, & I may not forgive you.
Encourage me, & I will not forget you.
Love me, & I may be forced to love you.
-William Arthur Ward

Have you ever had to choose between two people? Especially when the one you choose is going to be the one you'll be with, & the one you don't just might not be the same anymore when you see them? The decision had to be made somehow, but you just don't know what to do. One gets along with your friends, but you feel more comfortable around the other. One makes you smile & can talk about almost anything with them, but you realize that you simply just have much stronger feelings for the other. How many times have your friends told you to just follow your heart, yet they tell you who to pick anyways? No matter how hard you wanted to decide who to pick, you just couldn't seem to make a choice. You eventually stress yourself out about this. There's only one thing you can do though. You make them wait. Obviously right now you can't determine who you have stronger feelings for, so why not make them wait & see who has stronger feelings for you? Whoever really truly believes they can be with you obviously likes you a lot & is willing to wait for you.

I just realized I don't even know who I am; I don't even know why I'm here. I wasn't meant to be born in the first place, a bastard child, only a burden to those who love me. All my life I've been treated like a caged bird. Everyone tells me what to do, what I should act like, what I should look like, until I don't even know what I want, how I want to act, or what I should look like. All my life I've gotten pushed down by everyone around me, but what did I do to deserve it?

I never really needed you;
I just liked having you there <3 size="4">seven.
I said too much & told the truth;
that's when you turned away & answered,
"But I don't love you."

I'm the type of girl who wishes on 11:11, am or pm. I always wished for the same thing. "All I need is him, just him; always, forever & ever." Is there a certain rule that you can't have the same wish more then once? Or that the wish can't last a minute long or that you can't repeat it several times? Or maybe I just always miss the actual 11:11 time because my clock isn't perfectly set, because if so, that's my reasoning for why he isn't with me anymore, & I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

♥ibang pix

sir Banjo turned Otaku

cons is a berjin

rigo nageemote




MOAR ♥♥☻!!!>