Sunday, October 14, 2007

yay contacts

since adi had been asking why i'm using colored contacts.

1) the clear ones are only 100php+ cheaper.
2) the clear ones are REALLY hard to find when you drop or misplace em!
3) i look evil with brown eyes. i've got brown eyes. and they're evil.
4) eye color should be lighter than hair color. my hair is naturally ash brown. i stopped dyeing it na.

since ive got peachy undertones i'll stick with hazel and green, yehey. :)

♥and no make up. PISS.

looking forward to Sembreak o7. and surely Summer o8!
still haven't done anything. comdevt.english.phisics.trigo.even our aninag article.demn. how could you not tend to slack when you're too preoccupied with yer pokemans! oh well im not preoccupied with my pokemans but i sure am preoccupied with something! and the best part is that it isn't imaginary. :P

im a woman. i can hold on to it forever!

♥WOOT. MONTHSARY. happy MONTHSARY and sixteen days :) 'nlabo. and 3rd amends monthsary in 1 week!♥

HEY KIDS! GUESS WUT. im sixteen! and i'm not the big-mouthed wussy kid type, i like to keep it cool and clean. (c2 ito). i keep myself contained. prolly immune. ever since lara's words of wisdom, approved even by ESN! how bloody dastardly.
im tryinnabe mature here, geez. words are just words. they don't hurt me as much as they don't hurt perez hilton. blame me for your nonbeliefs and caffeine addiction, but don't blame me for anything i haven't done. :) i sure like to play games-games but life games , get reeel. i love playing simulations, not real-time. :PP go play ur pokemans while i play mah lief and go watch ur smut while i watch mah progress! :PP

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