Tuesday, January 31, 2006


i had to go straight to SM after school.
I bought a few items, together with Mixmi's gift.
I also bought this Eliz. Arden green tea eau de parfum, just cos it smells like my bath shower when i was a kid.

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. —Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita (1955)

Right in front of my PC right now is a telephone no longer than 3 inches.
it's a mini phone! cute. I've been talking to my baby brother upstairs for 5 minutes already.


[da simpsons...!] - gioanaiadennekim


I realixed that what my mother said. Lingunin daw ako kahit nung bata pa ko. Meaning, yung mga tao, lumilingon sa presence ko.
here's the list kung ano yung pinapansin nila sakin, [ayon sa clothing ha, wag na physically]

1. SOCKS - when i wear skirts [specially the short ones] , i tend to wear long socks cos i hate showing skin.
2. SKIRT - when i'm wearing them. i make my own skirts btw. tulle, linen, cotton, and yards of lace. sweet success.
3. GLASSES - ok my glasses are weird. it's nice though cos i get to see when people look at me and it serves as a cover for my face too. i hate it when people look at me
4. HAIR - my hair is prolly eccentric.

OK... WHEN YOU SEE ME, stop staring. a glance is enough. please. don't stare.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh Cheese sticks.

i am sooo full, i'ma throw up.
i ate heps of pineapple chicken and used a huge toblerone bar as a chaser.
oh and look, some slutty flat chested kid is singing manny pacquiao's song.

I just showed aia this martin guy's profile.
and she just can't stop laughing [or so she says]
here's his url: [x]
oh good another bernard.

i changed my YM! avatar, now it's this cute kid:

and yes, i love you too.
and gooshnees. i haven't done my social studies homework yet.
and i haven't reviewed my music handouts.


:: saan may private joyce
--sa sm
:: saan?
--sa 2nd floor
::naiinis kc ung pinsan ko kay joyce jimenez eh, ang itim daw ng ut*ng.


still in the quest for being a doll..

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The handy dandy notebook

you know, you find the first pawprint, that's the first clue, you put it in the notebook..then what do you do?

I got my glasses last wednesday.

one's big and square with a reddish brown frame and the one i'm wearing right now is feline-y and, well, what can i say...kulay sipon. hehehe.

so far may panira na ko sa card.

79 sa algeb?!

sabit amp!!!

MIGGY: sabihan tayo ng sikreto.
ME: ok.
MIGGY: isa akong secret agent. narito ako para masdn ang bawat galaw mo.
ME: manyakis.
MIGGY: hinde, gago... ikaw naman.
ME: hindi ako tao.
MIGGY: kung ganon, ano ka.
ME: babae
MIGGY: ako rin.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

PERIO. And speaking of stress

this is the first time I felt stress at its purest.

but nothing relieves stress better than watching finding nemo.

ooooh. i feel it again. vertigo.


i need glasses.
I need those with thick, colorful frames.
and look, a chat log.

Show Recent Messages (F3)
ayap00h reyes: ready kennedyayap00h reyes: pssstdizzy ~: yehdizzy ~: gasti ang awkward nadizzy ~: pano ba ginagawa yung sa math mammoth [ndi rhyme]ayap00h reyes: anong asyong ginawa wawa mo momoayap00h reyes: alin dun?dizzy ~: yung ilang ml ng tubig yung ****maging blabla% saltdizzy ~: *solution plaayap00h reyes: given na percent ng salt x given na amt ng tubig = gustong percent ng salt x (original na amt ng tubig + n)dizzy ~: ano yung ndizzy ~:****titirahin mo yung duckdizzy ~: hehhee...**** **** :****: As soon as you get online... whos name do you look for first? When a Slow Song Comes On the Radio--Whose Face comes To your Mind first? When you Hear your Phone Ringing...Who Do you Hope it is callin? Whose name Makes your Heart skip a beat???... In the next 60 seconds send this to people on ur friends list and the person that you are thinking about will do something special for you to show you how much they care about you.! if i dont get dis back i guess your not my friend if u ****someone... copy and send this to ur whole list... -gm...ok?ayap00h reyes: ulol sino magkakagusto sa **** niyang mabantotdizzy ~: tsaka ****mayap00h reyes: ehehehedizzy ~: na mas magaling pang ****a kesa sa l****nyadizzy ~: mokong at domengdizzy ~: aming alalayayap00h reyes: may sariling utak parang yung tenga ni elyenayap00h reyes: ehehedizzy ~: ahahaa.dizzy ~: may photoshop din badizzy ~: gagu bat ayaw magbago ng display image ko..parody to nung avatar ni lizbethayap00h reyes: hindi pwede magmumukhang utot yung cloudsdizzy ~: yaaaan nagbago naayap00h reyes: hindi ko naman friend yun sa ym si rosa nakakatawa yung avatardizzy ~: ano ba unayap00h reyes: john lennondizzy ~: hahahaha OL si ****ayap00h reyes: anong OLdizzy ~: onlyneayap00h reyes: onlineayap00h reyes: eheheheayap00h reyes: akala ko kung anodizzy ~: hinde over laki-pwetayap00h reyes: ehehe gagodizzy ~: gago tlaga ang **** ng ****dizzy ~: tapos wala na syang****kahit si ****reyes: si ania at si winnie the poohdizzy ~: winnie?****p00h reyes: yak baboy pati unggoy sa duyanayap00h reyes: si jasonayap00h reyes: ehehehedizzy ~: try mo nga yung aya_reyes mo bka nandun na yung filedizzy ~: hehehe whiney the pooayap00h reyes: yung hoy hoy hoydizzy ~: ooayap00h reyes: oo m**** na kasi siyang magdrama ngayon e dahil sila nadizzy ~: haaaaaa?!dizzy ~: gand ba avatar ko'ayap00h reyes: yebaayap00h reyes: yak bakit ko ginamit ang salitang yundizzy ~: YETI.ayap00h reyes: ******** papaayap00h reyes: gagoayap00h reyes: nanonood ang lola ko nun ngayondizzy ~: kita pantiayap00h reyes: ba't antagalayap00h reyes: madownloadayap00h ****kb palang ****tatayo akoayap00h reyes: oo ganyan din ako at si gioandizzy ~: ayan na nasend na dawdizzy ~: allegedlydizzy ~: bakit ganun si mikee b ****a yunayap00h reyes: ewan ko sa kanya sandali lang adizzy ~: tae nadizzy ~: tae na aya

obviously i cut a lot of lines and letters to lessen the sense.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Urameshi Pop~!

everything seem bittersweet.

I'm on my 4th tomo for my story right now. ^^;

And once again, i cannot contain everything inside me.

jf jfa oefektf jahy r.f.! ke idof yt jdhs ue kudje be rhrh dj i'b hfjs hdus!

Somebody clinched me from behind.


Periodic test na sa thursday and there's a freaking lot to review.

Lalo na't ngayon alam ko na kung pano magreview.

dati, babasahin ko lang tapos...tada. stock knowledge.

ngayon, dapat bwakaw ka! dapat memoryahin mo lahat ng data

at sagot to the max to the highest level.

kasalanan ito ni tintin squared.



Lately i've been hooked with bum slang.

"Over der, charmander."

"do not roar, bulbasaur."

"i see you, pikachu"

"okay bukas, supas"

"Okay lang yon, galon"

and stuff like that.

Bum Slang.



Kim and I already skinned [and embalmed?] our frogs.

freaking frog carcasses stink.

I just threw it inside my freezer.

i'm gonna boil it tommorow, remove the muscles, set it out to dry, and paint it gold.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Horse. Ya tigidig.

I have nearly fallen asleep approximately 1:00 PM.
And i'm still sleepy.
Wait. Freedom of speech? I'm a tad bit overwhelmed so let me just speak my mind in my VERY own language...Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Je jeu euferwhor! jer cheu narli tanger~!Image hosted by Photobucket.com
actle, es di~!
hex evoui tanger me digitos~!
jer evoui corrigio premiseo...des dealto.
wic es jeu hilario. Je provezione ja otre experionc liek da!
je provezion jer cout passio fer jer atrio~!

I could barely understand what i have just said,
but it's truly...eettooooooo... can i say simply cute?


Which pattern looks best?


I just received something from PEx in my inbox.
I just won a CAtCF [charlie & the choc fact] notebook and VCD from that answer stuff correctly promo.
but i'm too busy, too young, and definately too far away from the pick up point.
I hope they could ship them for free,
[nah..no hope. money is everything,]Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Saan Ka Nagtungo.

i added an audio player. to view, click on 'LAUNCH RADIO' thingy right there on the left-hand nav.
or click [x] . and now you can stop the annoying BGM by right clicking on the tiny square and clicking 'stop'.whee. Wala pang masyadong songs kasi naubusan ako ng space. :).

Right now, i'm making our Fil project's cover page.
It's crap, I know, but It'll look better once it's finished.
And OMLAGHRFLIUGWOU, i still haven't done any of my homeworks.
oh well.

Friday, January 6, 2006

I Knew I Can Speak British English.

Random artwork.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yay. Our very titillating adviser, Ms. Go gave us our status report. i'm better at subtraction than addition, so i managed to find out that even if i fail the periodic test, i'll still pass the subject [no sense]..Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I perfected my quizzes [plus a few bonus points], problem sets, got 1 mistake for the seatworks [but got loads of bonus points so i don't care that much about that], my fingerprints thingy, project, got 57/60 on our 1st LT, 73/80 on our 2nd.
I'm currently on my 4th and final plate in PA [which i hate..:)] and i don't get the freaking dovetail thingy. i don't even know how to make the effing square holes. And then sir Yangco sang "abot kamay ang pangit..mahawa ka sana" to francis the great head. btw, francis will be printing our Fil report kasi hindi siya nauubusan ng tinta [he's an octopus..or rather a tweetypus]

Hindi ako marunong mag-math kaya hindi ko alam kung ilan pa kailangan ko para maka 100 pero sigurado 100 si gabes. yun pa.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I went back to my ultrim diet this night. and it was fun to say the least.

Tagalog naman. Kanina, katabi ko si Johnrori alyas fish eggs sa Fil. Sabi ko sa kanya, may naaalala ako nung grade 6 GSP night camp. Sinabi ni *twoot* na naging kras nya si fish eggs, nung nalaman ng gf ni fish eggs na si Jhannhahhhh, sabi niya "sa lahat naman ng magugustuhan ni *twoot* isang pangit pa tulad ni fish eggs?!haha.." nandiri si fish eggs kay *twoot*

I haven't been updating my dA lately but i've been drawing a lot for my stress management series. I did this pie series thingy: apple pie, strawberry pie, key lime pie, & cherry pie. All i had to do was to make a person out of the pie's name and explain why i think that person resembles the freaking turd-ballish pie.

And i'm currently in heavy but shallow stress because of our Social Studies project and geom optional project[i did it but i didn't know there were guidelines.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i hate stress. grr grr.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I'm So Filthy. I H*te!

this arce guy just made my day by showing me the Phil Daily Inquirer A20 which contains this Webb a**hole.
I hate him.
We hate him.
Teachers hate him
even his teammates hate him.

Yesterday, we went to SM.
I saw a few people i know and a few people saw me too.
I saw a schoolmate and Joyce's dad. (which i prefer calling Big Josh)who stared at me.
Then i started browsing for art mediums.
I was thinking of buying Van Gogh colored pencils and tria markers but those aren't available in the Philippines yet..
so i think i'll just buy the ones that come in 700-2000 bucks.
It's not that i'm wasting money, I just wanted the best quality.

Ooooookay...so we just got the results for our differencial apt test..
my lowest score was 22/40 in language usage [i dunno why, but everyone had a low score on this]
and my highest was 40/40 in spelling. hooplah..i overthrew gabes by 2 points.