Friday, January 13, 2006

Horse. Ya tigidig.

I have nearly fallen asleep approximately 1:00 PM.
And i'm still sleepy.
Wait. Freedom of speech? I'm a tad bit overwhelmed so let me just speak my mind in my VERY own language...Image hosted by

Je jeu euferwhor! jer cheu narli tanger~!Image hosted by
actle, es di~!
hex evoui tanger me digitos~!
jer evoui corrigio premiseo...des dealto.
wic es jeu hilario. Je provezione ja otre experionc liek da!
je provezion jer cout passio fer jer atrio~!

I could barely understand what i have just said,
but it's truly...eettooooooo... can i say simply cute?


Which pattern looks best?


I just received something from PEx in my inbox.
I just won a CAtCF [charlie & the choc fact] notebook and VCD from that answer stuff correctly promo.
but i'm too busy, too young, and definately too far away from the pick up point.
I hope they could ship them for free,
[ hope. money is everything,]Image hosted by

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