Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Urameshi Pop~!

everything seem bittersweet.

I'm on my 4th tomo for my story right now. ^^;

And once again, i cannot contain everything inside me.

jf jfa oefektf jahy r.f.! ke idof yt jdhs ue kudje be rhrh dj i'b hfjs hdus!

Somebody clinched me from behind.


Periodic test na sa thursday and there's a freaking lot to review.

Lalo na't ngayon alam ko na kung pano magreview.

dati, babasahin ko lang tapos...tada. stock knowledge.

ngayon, dapat bwakaw ka! dapat memoryahin mo lahat ng data

at sagot to the max to the highest level.

kasalanan ito ni tintin squared.



Lately i've been hooked with bum slang.

"Over der, charmander."

"do not roar, bulbasaur."

"i see you, pikachu"

"okay bukas, supas"

"Okay lang yon, galon"

and stuff like that.

Bum Slang.



Kim and I already skinned [and embalmed?] our frogs.

freaking frog carcasses stink.

I just threw it inside my freezer.

i'm gonna boil it tommorow, remove the muscles, set it out to dry, and paint it gold.

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