Saturday, January 28, 2006

The handy dandy notebook

you know, you find the first pawprint, that's the first clue, you put it in the notebook..then what do you do?

I got my glasses last wednesday.

one's big and square with a reddish brown frame and the one i'm wearing right now is feline-y and, well, what can i say...kulay sipon. hehehe.

so far may panira na ko sa card.

79 sa algeb?!

sabit amp!!!

MIGGY: sabihan tayo ng sikreto.
ME: ok.
MIGGY: isa akong secret agent. narito ako para masdn ang bawat galaw mo.
ME: manyakis.
MIGGY: hinde, gago... ikaw naman.
ME: hindi ako tao.
MIGGY: kung ganon, ano ka.
ME: babae
MIGGY: ako rin.


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