Sunday, January 29, 2006

Oh Cheese sticks.

i am sooo full, i'ma throw up.
i ate heps of pineapple chicken and used a huge toblerone bar as a chaser.
oh and look, some slutty flat chested kid is singing manny pacquiao's song.

I just showed aia this martin guy's profile.
and she just can't stop laughing [or so she says]
here's his url: [x]
oh good another bernard.

i changed my YM! avatar, now it's this cute kid:

and yes, i love you too.
and gooshnees. i haven't done my social studies homework yet.
and i haven't reviewed my music handouts.


:: saan may private joyce
--sa sm
:: saan?
--sa 2nd floor
::naiinis kc ung pinsan ko kay joyce jimenez eh, ang itim daw ng ut*ng.


still in the quest for being a doll..

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