Friday, December 23, 2005

Joobi-dooby doo-wop

Do you know how much i need H2O2, or Hydrogen Peroxide (or as the exotique Filipinos call it, Agua Oxinada, add as many H's in that if you want)? I need it! Need! err.... leave it to the smiley :)Image hosted by

I AM now a little low maintainance..because of this despicable xmas break.
And i just realized that 2 DAYS FROM NOW MY DADDY IS GOING HOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!!!Image hosted by
whee!that means more unconditional money! (to add to my quarterly school-done-well reward) HELL!

and i also composed 2 japanese mini songs. they're both crap, and meaningless, needless to say. But still, it's the cute words that count.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Suppa-in Meekappu! Or Whatever I Said.

i'm not quite getting along with my Japanese Lessons very well.
I started studying this 5 years ago... by now i should have known everything about this!Image hosted by
But what the heck, i haven't even gone to Japan..
okay, lemme try an introduction.







see? crappy.
i just realized that you only need to drop the -su and add -nai to make a present tense verb negative.
gah.Image hosted by
Anyway, i'm so far convinced that gackt can play the guitar. saw him doing it .

my mom started packing our gifts for our "inaanaks".
Mami bought thea's gift from me for P100. good deal.
Can't use it anyway. you can see it here : [x]
you can also see a lot of my xmas stuff in that multiply account.


i had my hair straightened - it's naturally straight but i constantly pin the hair behind my ears so a part of it became a little wavy.

wooo.. and darn, am i looking for new perfume. i got easily bored with Philosophy's Baby Grace..I think I need something more upbeat coz light scents do not go with my personality.,,I hate fruity scents so i'm having a hard time thinking and rethinking which ones i would buy (i normally get more than one scent..but for now i only need one or teo, for school, coz i still have D&G's Light Blue for out-of-uniform occasions, e.g. shopping, etc.)

that's it for now...baboosh! xoxo

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dans is Dancing.

Okay, so i found a way to keep myself amused this xmas break.Image hosted by
But it's soooo hilarious that i don't even want to say it here...but don't worry,
ME LOVES YOU so i'm gonna tell.

funny eh? or maybe you don't know what those two are.
here are some resources to help you get rid of that long face.
[x] [x]

it's a tad bit weird ( dance and i do not mix) but it's fun anyway.
I started playing paraparaparadise on Jeneil's Birthday (and of course, i played with Mica, the BeMaNistyle addict)

oh well.
I was browsing youtube and found some really cute clips [and uncute clips, if there is such a word].
When you type in the word 'japan', most of the clips would be related to Gackt.
Gackt. I love his music [specially vanilla]
but I AM in doubt if this guy can really play the guitar.
Sure, he can play the piano, and lots of other instruments but i never saw him
play the guitar up close. the only clip i found of him playing the guitar, well..didn't quite seem like he was playing it, instead, he was just placing it over his crotch and striking it...and stuff.
And further wondering, is he gay?bi?metro? there's too much yaoi in his vids.
But still...Japanese boys kissing fellow japanese boys are cute.Image hosted by

And he doesn't want to have any children so that he can't pass his psychic abilities [which he regrets having].

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And I'm Not Numb.

I know, I know. This layout is a mess.
I'm not good at making my own layouts okay, i just need more layout-making excercises.

My mom started putting up all
There are garlands all around the upper
inner corners of the walls (with large white flowers pinned on every square
inch, obviously i exaggerated), reindeers made out of garland-materials with a
sign saying "merry christmas", corsages and holly wreaths pinning strings of
small shiny balls (whatever you may call them) on the TV shelf, tiny xmas people
pinned EVERYWHERE, xmas balls, lace, and cut xmas lights (they call it 'rice
bulbs'. they're a lot cuter than your conventional xmas lights), and rose shaped
xmas lights winding the stairs (and even the door had a makeover, oh my.)

well anyway, i can't feel christmas coz i'm freaking bored to the point of boiling and re-freezing.

And all I can do at home is watch TV, surf the net, make layouts, draw art, photoshop, and guess what.

Chiyu has a boyfriemd!
i also couldn't believe it at first.
But what the heck, she's pretty cute.
I hope she'll send me a pic of her <3.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Change of Plans

as you can obviously see, i changed my layout again.
I easily got bored with pink. i suppose i'll go with more glum colors now.
i'm currently on my deviant stage, so i used one of my drawings (visit my dA!)
for this new layout.

almost a week after the xmas break and i still haven't done anything
but sew skirts and surf the net.
(see my dA for the skirts)

i haven't done my social studies project. i haven't done my english project. and my math problem set. and my filipino project. darn all projects, darn them. stop spoiling my boredom! oh well. that was pretty ironic and satire.

wish many people check this blog often. :)
too sleepy to write, xoxo.



i just realized that ABS' "Mga Anghel na Walang Langit" has a new timeslot! do they know how early I sleep?! Damn you Game knb! Damn you!!

And again. I'm here. I haven't eaten lunch and supper (only breakfast coz it's my all-time breakfast fave: fried eggplant and tuyo [dried fish]!!!) and i piggeg out. And i can feel my tummy grumbling slowly... -_-

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm Having Monkey for Breakfast Tonight

i just took a psych personality test wherein you draw a house and it analyzes your personality and stuff.
here's what I got:

Based on your drawing and the 10 answers you gave this is a
summary of your personality:Your house tells the world that you ought to be a
leader. You are a freedom lover and a strong person. You are shy and reserved.
If you've drawn a cross on each of windows, you always want to live alone. Once
you have a problem, you need a friend with you. son. You will avoid being alone
and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create
it wherever you go. You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.
You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for
love. It also safe to say that others don't see you as a flirt. You
don't think
much about yourself.

Woah. I like that. Reminds me of something like:

your name starts With D: Once you get it into your head that
you want someone, you move full steam ahead in your suit. You do not give up
your quest easily. You are nurturing and caring. If someone has a problem, this
turns you on. You are highly passionate, loyal, and intense in your
involvements, sometimes possessive and jealous. You are very sharp &
talented often with sense of humor. When people bother to look deep inside they
cannot resist what they see. You are stimulated by the eccentric and unusual,
having a free and open attitude. You get jealous of other people and lose your

Darn these correct conclusions. Darn these.
Typing stuff here in my blog reminds me that
I still have to do this DIARY FOR ENGLISH.

And so. I already bought gifts for moi dear friendly friends. I didn't buy anything for most of my friends anyhoo, my budget was P500, and because I love tiannges, I only used 16.5% for my friends and the rest for myself. I am a very worthy friend :)

If you are a friend, and you are sure that I'm giving you something for xmas, DO NOT READ ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE.









For the boys


Monday, December 5, 2005

7:30 and still no caffeine. world record!

Right now I'm sipping on some all-natural coffee
rice I've been craving for since I was seven.


where do they get these things?



I am bound to do this essay for one of these

1.many of our fears are but imagined 1s bearing little

remembrance to what is real

2 the past defines as much as the present

3.i have been a gift. the gift of my past

4.telling the truth is not easy to do. its an act of


5.uhhh...I don't know. Rosa didn't copy it. :)


Since that's my only homework for tonight, i'm
saving it for last.

You know, Homework
is like Candy.You'll never know how long it would keep you awake.

-an original dizzy b. quote.


And further anyhoo..

Have you seen my illustrated poetry?

There's one right there on the left. It's called
"The Tragedy of the Girl Who Became A Tree".

Wait for my new poem, "Gold Boy".

I already finished it but I'm still doing the

Using gold acrylic.

And it's fun to make.

Cause its gold. and its paint.


And ultra further anyhoo.....

I forgot to bring Pixy stix this morning!

Gawk! Do you know what that means?


I promise I'll bring one tomorrow in Maui Punch.

since we have a cheer dance practice up to 7:00


And more super ultra anyhooooooo!!!

Kyle and Luds have been telling uber corny jokes
all day.





and another one,





And jokes like cheek,cheben,eight and chin,
eleben, twelb.




Saturday, December 3, 2005

Hobo Redirector And Call Boy.

okay. I can't think of a better title :(..
Well this entry doesn't have to do anything with hobos and call boys.
Waking up in the morning, I remembered to do our written report on the dewey decimal classification system.
800-899 (literature) . Well, since i'm a pro in internet searching, i made it in a jiffy. About less than 10 minutes.
then i remembered i had to go to our cheerdance practice at 1:00.
Darn them infantile skanks. I lost about 10 pesos off my load texting everyone if the practice was still on.
well, it is.
so i took off and got there @ about 1:30 (late coming,bebe.)
I wore something that isn't fit for cheerdancing.
A long big-buttoned pink dolly top and overhaul jeans. And platform sandals.
I only studied the steps 10 minutes before the practice ended. :)
While they were dancing, we were busy singing karma chameleon.

"..Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon You come and go You come
and go Loving would be easy If your colours were like my dream Red, gold and
green Red, gold and green.."

and we tried to change the lyrics and started pointing fingers on different people.

"..Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon You come and go You come and go
Loving would be easy If your colours were like my dream Red, golden gay Red,
golden gay.."

:)) and then we sang locomotion.

"Everybody's doing a brand new dance now. Come on, baby, do the
locomotion. ... if you give it a chance, now. Come on, baby, do the

after the practice we went to the xmas tiannge near UP chapel (or COOP) .
We found fun stuff like accessories, shirts and underwears.
Fake cosmetics and perfumes (though they look so original. Maybe they're just overruns? or something.
Toys, stickers, and more.
Unluckily, i didn't bring my money with me
so we'll go back there next thursday. Happy.

Then i went straight so SM to cool off with a scoop of Chocolate Mint Ice Cream.
And mineral water since i'm all dried up and dehydrated, not from the practice but from singing karma chameleon.
And I also bought one Pixy stick,

And oh, Aia and Gioan made some additions to my last entry.

kung nakikinig ka ng jazz, mukha ka rin bang jazz? Pag trip mo, country, mukha ka rin bang country? Pag gusto mo germanic songs, mukha ka rin bang german? If you like christian songs, mukha ka rin bang christian? Damn you oh Damn Damn Postiche, Sham, Fraud, Pseudo, Faux, Wangled, Fudged Bastard. Damn You.

I just wanted to Share

I was doing my everyday routine when a guy talked to me.
We talked about friendster.
He said :

"...There are some people in friendster who fill up the 'favorite music' field with stuff like punk,rock,emo,screamo but don't even look like they listen to that!"

i was too polite to answer back. so i'm gonna tell my reply here.
do you need to look punk if you listen to punk?
Do you need to look hiphop if you listen to hiphop?
Do you need to look like a rocker if you listen to rock?
BOBO KA PALA EH! No wonder I hate you.

E di kung nakikinig ka ng classic, mukha ka ring classic? Ano yun?! Naka alfalfa-look? Naka Pomada? Kapag mahilig ka sa '50s dapat ba mukha ka ring 50's? Pag trip mo folk, dapat ba mukha kang folk? Mukha kang lamang-lupa o engkanto? Dapat ba naka checkered ka na long sleeved shirt at lagi kang may dalang banjo? Kapag like mo experimental, mukha ka rin ba dapat experimental? May mga buhok ka ba dapat sa mata at may tenga sa likod?

Nakikita ba sa mukha ng isang tao kung anong music ang pinakikinggan niya? Kung cute siya na babae, does that mean she listens to cute music? Kung mukha siyang squatter does that mean nakikinig siya sa squatter? Kung mukha siyang kabayo gusto ba niya ng mga kanta ng mga kabayo? ULOL!

Music is not something physical, dimwit.

And what can I say, oh, what can a revengeful person like me say.

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Ooh, l'autorit is freaking me cherche!

i hate people who think they are musically inclined.
I know, I know, there are lots of musically inclined people but that is different from people who think they are.
Starting this day, i strip my life of everyday music. No wait, i can't do that. Maybe just a little.
To top it off, i'd greet people and tell them I hate music (of course they'll ask the very drastic WHHHHAY? or HAWW KAM?)
I know how much a sacrifice this is. But really..
Music doesn't seem to have a point nowadays.
Specially in this darned impoverished country stripped of its real mind and culture.
I feel so jealous listening to old people telling how they used to climb trees (aratelis, bayabas, etc..), avoiding Mangga trees which were home to fat hairy caterpillars. I feel covetous listeing to their stories of kite flying and top spinning. I am envious. Green-eyed, I ogle at the past, seeing how much technology, colonization, and the increasing intelligence of the human race have changed us. Back to what I was saying..

music is hokum, pointless, and insensible when people think they are so much into music. so much that it's unreal. so much that they even research on cool bands wherever, whenever and say that they know this band so well, they like this band so much, they like this music so, they love this music blah. The same sounds whizzing from the radio.
So I'm tired, I'm sleepy, and i'm jinxed.

I hate days like this.
Sometimes I shed a tear or two just because my mum erased two messages in my inbox.
Sometimes I just can't keep all my feelings anymore and I need an outlet.
They say I'm at risk of being highly suicidal.
And I don't take that as a compliment (like some people who think it's cool to cut your wrist and see the gush bleed, DAMN you infantile dummies, DAMN you, if you want to kill yourself, make a deep cut and not a shallow scrape or else you'll just hurt. Die you.)
Sometimes I have too much to keep that I pour out whenever I find an outlet.

I slash clothes, I spill red ink on the bedsheets. I tape boxes all around. I
throw hard things on glass. I scrape, cut and etch mirrors. I throw things in
the dump. I cut framed pictures using sharp objects. I cry at night under my
blankets and pillows, making sure of not making a sound, for someone might hear

So you know how hard it is to be so secretive?
I HAVE to be so perky during the day.
I HAVE to be so blythe and peppy.
and while i sleep i dream.
I am telling you, It is rare for me to find an outlet.
I can't even tell my friends about my problems.
I can't even tell my parents about my problems.
I am stressed-out right this very moment i am typing this.

Freaking Authority, I am not sure if you're reading this, but please do read this.
If you want, you can print it out. :'(
I just feel so reselamentable.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Candy Doesn't Have to Have a Point.

I woke up at 4:30 to find out there were no classes.
then i remembered that we have a practice for the cheerdance competition.

I came at around 9:30 am. We started at 10. The appointed time
was 9.

on lunchtime, we were supposed to eat @ ministop katipunan. Since the place only had room for 6 people (and there were 12 of us,) we decided to eat @ mcdo. But knowing there are a heap of MC students there, sa Jollibee nalang kami nauwi. Usually i eat sundae and fries, but for the FIRST TIME in my life, i ordered a 2-piece burger steak (most of the time my mum gets it for me :p). After that we went to Natio(nal bookstore!) and i saw this a series of unfortunate events set of book 1-7 (?), i'm not sure..only for P700. shit.

i went to SM since i have to walk longer to ride the jeep going to our place. I bought some fried chicken skin which tasted so VILE, REVOLTING, LOATHESOME and SKANKY. I had to throw them. eew. sorry i'm squeamish.

so i just bought some candy to wash away the taste.

100 grams for 45 pesos?
i took some gummy bears, gummy sharks,
strawberries, gummy teeth, gummy octopi,
and gummy worms.
next time i'll take the jawbreakers.
I love gummy.
Oh no, I LUURVE candy.
One day i'll have a candy factory of my own too.
In my own mansion.
In my own village. ^^

And I also bought PIXY STIX!
How i love corn syrup candies.
PIXY STIX is by Wonka under Nestle.
I love Wonka.
Wonka Wonka. Oompa Loompa!~

Pixy stix is really long. That round thingy is a peso coin. I think it's longer than one foot. I'll prey on it tomorrow. Get ready pixy stix.
im gonna turn you into chyme.

i'm weird.
i eat fruits.
i eat preserved fruits.
the ones in the pink packs are cherries
and those in the violet ones are plums.
dried icky plums.
eew.. disgusting.
*wave wave*

tralala~! i love pocky sticks.

nothing more to that.

i never thought pocky sticks were THAT thin.

but still i love them. ^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Read the News Today, Oh Boy!

Now I know what Arlene Chai's purpose is in writing her debut, "The Last Time I Saw Mother" .
First, She wove in a bit of Filipino history, eg. the Japanese colonial period, the Marcos regime and a little of the Spanish period.
Then, all of the narrators were women, showing their points of view as a mother, daughter or sister.

But that doesn't have to do anything with I'm writing below.

I LOVE Imelda Marcos. Not because of her worldly goods or wealth, of course. Can't blame her, she was brought up by a not-so-rich clan.
We even have the same birthday. Ha.
According to Arlene Chai's The Last Time I Saw Mother, these are just some of the things she owned:

3,000 pairs of shoes, we all know that. :)
67 racks of dresses.
500 black brassieres with their tags still on.
1000 unopened boxes of silk panties, stockings and formal gowns.

I miss elementary dismissal times. We used to run outside and buy our hoard of Wonka candies. Some are P5 and the rest are P25 like the bi-flavored nerds in a box. Even Aling Norms doesn't sell Stay Fresh. Aling Tina sold the small trinketiemajigs like gobbstoppers, jawbreakers, safari, buko juice and footlong bubblegums and marshmallows. Aling Ising, on the other hand sold chocolates like M&M's, Nuggets, Crunch, Hershey's Cookies & Cream or Extra Creamy, and others. She also sold different desserts in her freezer, like Jelly Jiggle, Twin Popsies, Buko, Freezy, Pinipig, Kimy, Drumstick, Non Stop and the rest. But i don't really like wasting my money on expensive food that doesn't fill my appetite. In short, I hate buying candy with my own pocket money.
I did further editing in my layout. I changed the title font and I
added a gummy bear divider. I am currently working on my third layout, which i
already have an idea of. I think somethng like the color of moss, green tea or
orange? what do you think??:p

Monday, November 28, 2005


it seems like i had the same layout for 2 years already.
so i changed it to this one.
it's still messy, but i still have to make my biology project (which, mind you, i really want to ace)
so if i find enough time i can edit this crap.

okay, so for my bio project, we need to do this pedigree diagram
thingymajiggy. from the P or parent species (that's my grandparents)
F1 generation (my parents and their siblings) and F2 generation (me
and my brothers). I used eyes as a trait, leaving me with the genotypes
and phenotypes BB,Bb or black eyes and bb or brown eyes. it needed to be
done on 1/4 illustration board, but i'd hate to bring hazardous explosive (well.)
materials to school so i used two 1/8 boards so that it'll look like a book.
on the front i wrote out PEDIGREE using plain glue and drew little dragonflies.
then after it dried, i spraypainted it gold. tadaa. now i'm almost done, i just
need to put the names and pictures.

I'm planning to buy something worthy enough to save money on.

my mom gives me P500 for every quarter of school that i did well.
last time i used it to buy an mp3 player. this time, i don't know.
since i'm not a fan of saving money (isang kahig, isang tuka.)
i'm planning to buy some perfume.
but i don't know what. Dessert treats' candy seems nice but
it's just a teeny 30ml.i don't like small perfumes. which leads me to..

OH booze..i still don't know what to give away this christmas!

since i'm saving money, im stuck with a budget for this. and dang,
i even crossed some people on my list! (*evil*)...
ooooh how i wish i find a thick wad of bills tomorrow. :)

We're planning to cosplay for our fashion show this december.

but i don't know who to cosplay!
i wanted maybe, some girl with black hair.
and a skirt that's not too short. :)

I watched movies.

simple as that. first i went to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire,
then at home i watched charlie and the chocolate factory, spongebob
squarepants the movie, and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
(since my mom haven't watched it yet). I want to watch napoleon
dynamite now!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


whoaaa. i already got my card last saturday
(which i miraculously claimed w/o a parent or a parent's letter, luckily ate melvin knows me.)
and i was S H O C K E D. (with the grades, that is) here's my noodle power.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


             {) i happen to be really hungry.{}

eh? i was just telling the truth..^^
i'm still scouting for stuff to give away on christmas.
i was thinking maybe..undergarments?
but gioan already stuck to giving panties.
so i'll be giving away brassieres??
no way. no way am i asking for cup sizes.
so i thought maybe accessories. or small kits\bags.
and photocards for one lovely mecamila.
ok so i still have to squeeze brains for the boys.
what the eff should i give the XY chromosomial species?!!

             {) last quarter was a sucker. i don't study.{} i know some of my grades,alrighty.
but i find them not alrighty!!
[english] - 82 or 83 (from 88 i became 83...dang fang shang. 'least our highest is 85.)
[social studies] - 87..well it didn't change even a tad bit.
that sucks.
i hope i got a line of 9 for Biology...
coz i want to have lines of 9 for all quarters!
this girl in the pic got 100 in biology.
despite the funny face, (yes,) she is smart..
Filipino ---> we ARE having a thesis like project.
and our topic is...


(the tree of life : coconut)

random weirdness.

             {)i have nothing to do{}

don't you think this pic is just so scary?
Luds (guy on the middle), that's bad luck.
tsk tsk tsk..good luck kay mama jean...
and i say again.. i have nothing to do.
so i played the guitar all day long. (forgetting to study for social studies)
and did daytripper's riff.
here's a song we composed for Lara:

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

darna has a function.

            {}pic courtesy of me{}
darna has functions too.
i just remembered that i can load all my mp3s in her.
never thought of that.
and i divided them into folders
such as British, Tagala, Jpop and Anime.
darn music.
darn them all.

            {}worms, anyone?{}
Yesterday all i did in PA was to pick up huge worm-termite-maggot-bulalo like thingies using improvised chopsticks out of a barbecue stick and a small twig. How happy.
Then we put all the worm-termite-maggot-bulalo like thingies into Butterfly's plot. how happy. :)
it's not that we're against them, we just don't know where to put the pests.. :)

            {}volleyball makes me itch{}
A lot of people have noticed that my skin revived from the scorch it underwent in the family olympics thingy-thingy.
volleyball.i hate volleyball.i had to suffer days of sunburn and months of darker skin.
but now it's almost back to normal.
thanks to the wonders of bath time.
do you know i wash myself w/ soap 3 times evry bath?
and one bar of soap will only last about...
1 week?
i lather lather lather it real well to make sure the soap really cleans.
maybe that helped in healing my chapped skin.

            {}idol ko si april boy{}
(i hate papaya soap)
do you know April Boy Regino is the most kikay guy during bath time?
he DISSOLVES bars of papaya soap into his bath tub and soaks himself there ALL DAY..well..not really.
if you can only see his bathroom cabinet! loads of papain and orange caustic soda! eek!
he said he had dark skin before. and look at him now.

Saturday, October 29, 2005


i just bought some new scents to uplift my spirits and to reward myself for a very untimely start of school.
I bought Baby Grace by Philosophy and D&G light blue, since my baby bro spilled it all over the bed.
also, some testers for tartine et chocolat and clinique happy.
i'm not much of a 'fragrance person' but that's how i manage stress.
power shopping.
gah. right now im searching for my next collection..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sleepy and bummed

No, no. I'm not having pork for breakfast.
This is freaking good.

Has anyone been harassing you?
Have you got their IP address?
Then Lookie, lookie! type in*whatever IP addie here*
and with a bit of luck, you'll find out who that is!
(or even hack into their PC's!)

i'm currently working on the *100 things I want to do before I die* thingie. Like most near death people do. Coz school is starting.

My 100 things to do before I die.*Be a jury for a court case
*plant sweet peas for my own garden.
*go to the land of the rising sun.
*be seen on TV.
*be seen on print.
*own a set of the whole series of family guy.
*well i'm thinking..i'll fill this out everyday!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Anxiety Disorder.

i just had an attack of panic anxiety disorder.

i felt so numb and weak and i wanted to shout and cry.
thanks to lizbeth, now i know what it feels like to be excessively anxious.
Well, maybe not :)
Animals have rights too!
Let's support PETA!
(y'know, those you can buy in tetra packs and milk cartons)
Manufacturers drug cows to produce more milk than it could.
working the cow's mamary glands up to 10x (yes, ten times,)
of its capacity.And all the produced milk will go to cartons,
leaving none to the poor bovine's litter.
Apparently, workers feed the litter with 'still edible' liquid stuff.
That's why cows are dumb.
And working out the mammary glands too much can cause it to produce...


yep. Pus!So next time you drink from a carton,
make sure you're drinking MILK.

Saturday, October 15, 2005


{}tell me again.{}
i have just finished watching one of momosu's videos over and over and over again.
ooh. how i love japanese girls.
i envy their skin, i envy their eyes. i envy their gestures.
but envy is a sin, so..
i worked out the mystery of bath salt.
nagtataka kasi ako kung bakit bath salt ang tawag sa kanya.
so using my green-tea scented bath salt..
tinikman ko ito!
at yes, salt nga talaga ito.

{}coz i didn't hear it.{}
suddenly, i noticed that i have been missing school so much.
the fun, laughter, kulitan, chismisan.
the sound of bwahaha, utot, singa, bahing, and pagmamayabang.
sa 24th pa ang pasukan..
and super sucky dahil 7:00 ang pasok.
what the?!
ibig sabihin non, 5:00 ako susunduin ng service.
i hate authority.
kung malapit lang sa skul ang houses niyo, freaking authority, wag nyong idamay ang iba.
pano naman ang mga taga caloocan? ang mga taga bulacan? ang mga taga antipolo?
magkaroon naman kayo ng awa.
o di kaya'y pagawa kayo ng dorm. :)
isa pa, lilipat sa HS ang annoying 3-6 students!
haaaaa? eh ang sikip sikip na nga namin sa HS kahit 400 students lang kami eh!
hala. paglaki ko.
bibilhin ko ang tingnan niyo lang kung ano ang mangyayari.