Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Read the News Today, Oh Boy!

Now I know what Arlene Chai's purpose is in writing her debut, "The Last Time I Saw Mother" .
First, She wove in a bit of Filipino history, eg. the Japanese colonial period, the Marcos regime and a little of the Spanish period.
Then, all of the narrators were women, showing their points of view as a mother, daughter or sister.

But that doesn't have to do anything with I'm writing below.

I LOVE Imelda Marcos. Not because of her worldly goods or wealth, of course. Can't blame her, she was brought up by a not-so-rich clan.
We even have the same birthday. Ha.
According to Arlene Chai's The Last Time I Saw Mother, these are just some of the things she owned:

3,000 pairs of shoes, we all know that. :)
67 racks of dresses.
500 black brassieres with their tags still on.
1000 unopened boxes of silk panties, stockings and formal gowns.

I miss elementary dismissal times. We used to run outside and buy our hoard of Wonka candies. Some are P5 and the rest are P25 like the bi-flavored nerds in a box. Even Aling Norms doesn't sell Stay Fresh. Aling Tina sold the small trinketiemajigs like gobbstoppers, jawbreakers, safari, buko juice and footlong bubblegums and marshmallows. Aling Ising, on the other hand sold chocolates like M&M's, Nuggets, Crunch, Hershey's Cookies & Cream or Extra Creamy, and others. She also sold different desserts in her freezer, like Jelly Jiggle, Twin Popsies, Buko, Freezy, Pinipig, Kimy, Drumstick, Non Stop and the rest. But i don't really like wasting my money on expensive food that doesn't fill my appetite. In short, I hate buying candy with my own pocket money.
I did further editing in my layout. I changed the title font and I
added a gummy bear divider. I am currently working on my third layout, which i
already have an idea of. I think somethng like the color of moss, green tea or
orange? what do you think??:p

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