Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Candy Doesn't Have to Have a Point.

I woke up at 4:30 to find out there were no classes.
then i remembered that we have a practice for the cheerdance competition.

I came at around 9:30 am. We started at 10. The appointed time
was 9.

on lunchtime, we were supposed to eat @ ministop katipunan. Since the place only had room for 6 people (and there were 12 of us,) we decided to eat @ mcdo. But knowing there are a heap of MC students there, sa Jollibee nalang kami nauwi. Usually i eat sundae and fries, but for the FIRST TIME in my life, i ordered a 2-piece burger steak (most of the time my mum gets it for me :p). After that we went to Natio(nal bookstore!) and i saw this a series of unfortunate events set of book 1-7 (?), i'm not sure..only for P700. shit.

i went to SM since i have to walk longer to ride the jeep going to our place. I bought some fried chicken skin which tasted so VILE, REVOLTING, LOATHESOME and SKANKY. I had to throw them. eew. sorry i'm squeamish.

so i just bought some candy to wash away the taste.

100 grams for 45 pesos?
i took some gummy bears, gummy sharks,
strawberries, gummy teeth, gummy octopi,
and gummy worms.
next time i'll take the jawbreakers.
I love gummy.
Oh no, I LUURVE candy.
One day i'll have a candy factory of my own too.
In my own mansion.
In my own village. ^^

And I also bought PIXY STIX!
How i love corn syrup candies.
PIXY STIX is by Wonka under Nestle.
I love Wonka.
Wonka Wonka. Oompa Loompa!~

Pixy stix is really long. That round thingy is a peso coin. I think it's longer than one foot. I'll prey on it tomorrow. Get ready pixy stix.
im gonna turn you into chyme.

i'm weird.
i eat fruits.
i eat preserved fruits.
the ones in the pink packs are cherries
and those in the violet ones are plums.
dried icky plums.
eew.. disgusting.
*wave wave*

tralala~! i love pocky sticks.

nothing more to that.

i never thought pocky sticks were THAT thin.

but still i love them. ^^

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