Wednesday, November 16, 2005


             {) i happen to be really hungry.{}

eh? i was just telling the truth..^^
i'm still scouting for stuff to give away on christmas.
i was thinking maybe..undergarments?
but gioan already stuck to giving panties.
so i'll be giving away brassieres??
no way. no way am i asking for cup sizes.
so i thought maybe accessories. or small kits\bags.
and photocards for one lovely mecamila.
ok so i still have to squeeze brains for the boys.
what the eff should i give the XY chromosomial species?!!

             {) last quarter was a sucker. i don't study.{} i know some of my grades,alrighty.
but i find them not alrighty!!
[english] - 82 or 83 (from 88 i became 83...dang fang shang. 'least our highest is 85.)
[social studies] - 87..well it didn't change even a tad bit.
that sucks.
i hope i got a line of 9 for Biology...
coz i want to have lines of 9 for all quarters!
this girl in the pic got 100 in biology.
despite the funny face, (yes,) she is smart..
Filipino ---> we ARE having a thesis like project.
and our topic is...


(the tree of life : coconut)

random weirdness.

             {)i have nothing to do{}

don't you think this pic is just so scary?
Luds (guy on the middle), that's bad luck.
tsk tsk tsk..good luck kay mama jean...
and i say again.. i have nothing to do.
so i played the guitar all day long. (forgetting to study for social studies)
and did daytripper's riff.
here's a song we composed for Lara:

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