Wednesday, November 9, 2005

darna has a function.

            {}pic courtesy of me{}
darna has functions too.
i just remembered that i can load all my mp3s in her.
never thought of that.
and i divided them into folders
such as British, Tagala, Jpop and Anime.
darn music.
darn them all.

            {}worms, anyone?{}
Yesterday all i did in PA was to pick up huge worm-termite-maggot-bulalo like thingies using improvised chopsticks out of a barbecue stick and a small twig. How happy.
Then we put all the worm-termite-maggot-bulalo like thingies into Butterfly's plot. how happy. :)
it's not that we're against them, we just don't know where to put the pests.. :)

            {}volleyball makes me itch{}
A lot of people have noticed that my skin revived from the scorch it underwent in the family olympics thingy-thingy.
volleyball.i hate volleyball.i had to suffer days of sunburn and months of darker skin.
but now it's almost back to normal.
thanks to the wonders of bath time.
do you know i wash myself w/ soap 3 times evry bath?
and one bar of soap will only last about...
1 week?
i lather lather lather it real well to make sure the soap really cleans.
maybe that helped in healing my chapped skin.

            {}idol ko si april boy{}
(i hate papaya soap)
do you know April Boy Regino is the most kikay guy during bath time?
he DISSOLVES bars of papaya soap into his bath tub and soaks himself there ALL DAY..well..not really.
if you can only see his bathroom cabinet! loads of papain and orange caustic soda! eek!
he said he had dark skin before. and look at him now.

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