Monday, November 28, 2005


it seems like i had the same layout for 2 years already.
so i changed it to this one.
it's still messy, but i still have to make my biology project (which, mind you, i really want to ace)
so if i find enough time i can edit this crap.

okay, so for my bio project, we need to do this pedigree diagram
thingymajiggy. from the P or parent species (that's my grandparents)
F1 generation (my parents and their siblings) and F2 generation (me
and my brothers). I used eyes as a trait, leaving me with the genotypes
and phenotypes BB,Bb or black eyes and bb or brown eyes. it needed to be
done on 1/4 illustration board, but i'd hate to bring hazardous explosive (well.)
materials to school so i used two 1/8 boards so that it'll look like a book.
on the front i wrote out PEDIGREE using plain glue and drew little dragonflies.
then after it dried, i spraypainted it gold. tadaa. now i'm almost done, i just
need to put the names and pictures.

I'm planning to buy something worthy enough to save money on.

my mom gives me P500 for every quarter of school that i did well.
last time i used it to buy an mp3 player. this time, i don't know.
since i'm not a fan of saving money (isang kahig, isang tuka.)
i'm planning to buy some perfume.
but i don't know what. Dessert treats' candy seems nice but
it's just a teeny 30ml.i don't like small perfumes. which leads me to..

OH booze..i still don't know what to give away this christmas!

since i'm saving money, im stuck with a budget for this. and dang,
i even crossed some people on my list! (*evil*)...
ooooh how i wish i find a thick wad of bills tomorrow. :)

We're planning to cosplay for our fashion show this december.

but i don't know who to cosplay!
i wanted maybe, some girl with black hair.
and a skirt that's not too short. :)

I watched movies.

simple as that. first i went to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire,
then at home i watched charlie and the chocolate factory, spongebob
squarepants the movie, and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
(since my mom haven't watched it yet). I want to watch napoleon
dynamite now!

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