Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Candy Doesn't Have to Have a Point.

I woke up at 4:30 to find out there were no classes.
then i remembered that we have a practice for the cheerdance competition.

I came at around 9:30 am. We started at 10. The appointed time
was 9.

on lunchtime, we were supposed to eat @ ministop katipunan. Since the place only had room for 6 people (and there were 12 of us,) we decided to eat @ mcdo. But knowing there are a heap of MC students there, sa Jollibee nalang kami nauwi. Usually i eat sundae and fries, but for the FIRST TIME in my life, i ordered a 2-piece burger steak (most of the time my mum gets it for me :p). After that we went to Natio(nal bookstore!) and i saw this a series of unfortunate events set of book 1-7 (?), i'm not sure..only for P700. shit.

i went to SM since i have to walk longer to ride the jeep going to our place. I bought some fried chicken skin which tasted so VILE, REVOLTING, LOATHESOME and SKANKY. I had to throw them. eew. sorry i'm squeamish.

so i just bought some candy to wash away the taste.

100 grams for 45 pesos?
i took some gummy bears, gummy sharks,
strawberries, gummy teeth, gummy octopi,
and gummy worms.
next time i'll take the jawbreakers.
I love gummy.
Oh no, I LUURVE candy.
One day i'll have a candy factory of my own too.
In my own mansion.
In my own village. ^^

And I also bought PIXY STIX!
How i love corn syrup candies.
PIXY STIX is by Wonka under Nestle.
I love Wonka.
Wonka Wonka. Oompa Loompa!~

Pixy stix is really long. That round thingy is a peso coin. I think it's longer than one foot. I'll prey on it tomorrow. Get ready pixy stix.
im gonna turn you into chyme.

i'm weird.
i eat fruits.
i eat preserved fruits.
the ones in the pink packs are cherries
and those in the violet ones are plums.
dried icky plums.
eew.. disgusting.
*wave wave*

tralala~! i love pocky sticks.

nothing more to that.

i never thought pocky sticks were THAT thin.

but still i love them. ^^

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Read the News Today, Oh Boy!

Now I know what Arlene Chai's purpose is in writing her debut, "The Last Time I Saw Mother" .
First, She wove in a bit of Filipino history, eg. the Japanese colonial period, the Marcos regime and a little of the Spanish period.
Then, all of the narrators were women, showing their points of view as a mother, daughter or sister.

But that doesn't have to do anything with I'm writing below.

I LOVE Imelda Marcos. Not because of her worldly goods or wealth, of course. Can't blame her, she was brought up by a not-so-rich clan.
We even have the same birthday. Ha.
According to Arlene Chai's The Last Time I Saw Mother, these are just some of the things she owned:

3,000 pairs of shoes, we all know that. :)
67 racks of dresses.
500 black brassieres with their tags still on.
1000 unopened boxes of silk panties, stockings and formal gowns.

I miss elementary dismissal times. We used to run outside and buy our hoard of Wonka candies. Some are P5 and the rest are P25 like the bi-flavored nerds in a box. Even Aling Norms doesn't sell Stay Fresh. Aling Tina sold the small trinketiemajigs like gobbstoppers, jawbreakers, safari, buko juice and footlong bubblegums and marshmallows. Aling Ising, on the other hand sold chocolates like M&M's, Nuggets, Crunch, Hershey's Cookies & Cream or Extra Creamy, and others. She also sold different desserts in her freezer, like Jelly Jiggle, Twin Popsies, Buko, Freezy, Pinipig, Kimy, Drumstick, Non Stop and the rest. But i don't really like wasting my money on expensive food that doesn't fill my appetite. In short, I hate buying candy with my own pocket money.
I did further editing in my layout. I changed the title font and I
added a gummy bear divider. I am currently working on my third layout, which i
already have an idea of. I think somethng like the color of moss, green tea or
orange? what do you think??:p

Monday, November 28, 2005


it seems like i had the same layout for 2 years already.
so i changed it to this one.
it's still messy, but i still have to make my biology project (which, mind you, i really want to ace)
so if i find enough time i can edit this crap.

okay, so for my bio project, we need to do this pedigree diagram
thingymajiggy. from the P or parent species (that's my grandparents)
F1 generation (my parents and their siblings) and F2 generation (me
and my brothers). I used eyes as a trait, leaving me with the genotypes
and phenotypes BB,Bb or black eyes and bb or brown eyes. it needed to be
done on 1/4 illustration board, but i'd hate to bring hazardous explosive (well.)
materials to school so i used two 1/8 boards so that it'll look like a book.
on the front i wrote out PEDIGREE using plain glue and drew little dragonflies.
then after it dried, i spraypainted it gold. tadaa. now i'm almost done, i just
need to put the names and pictures.

I'm planning to buy something worthy enough to save money on.

my mom gives me P500 for every quarter of school that i did well.
last time i used it to buy an mp3 player. this time, i don't know.
since i'm not a fan of saving money (isang kahig, isang tuka.)
i'm planning to buy some perfume.
but i don't know what. Dessert treats' candy seems nice but
it's just a teeny 30ml.i don't like small perfumes. which leads me to..

OH booze..i still don't know what to give away this christmas!

since i'm saving money, im stuck with a budget for this. and dang,
i even crossed some people on my list! (*evil*)...
ooooh how i wish i find a thick wad of bills tomorrow. :)

We're planning to cosplay for our fashion show this december.

but i don't know who to cosplay!
i wanted maybe, some girl with black hair.
and a skirt that's not too short. :)

I watched movies.

simple as that. first i went to watch harry potter and the goblet of fire,
then at home i watched charlie and the chocolate factory, spongebob
squarepants the movie, and harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
(since my mom haven't watched it yet). I want to watch napoleon
dynamite now!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


whoaaa. i already got my card last saturday
(which i miraculously claimed w/o a parent or a parent's letter, luckily ate melvin knows me.)
and i was S H O C K E D. (with the grades, that is) here's my noodle power.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


             {) i happen to be really hungry.{}

eh? i was just telling the truth..^^
i'm still scouting for stuff to give away on christmas.
i was thinking maybe..undergarments?
but gioan already stuck to giving panties.
so i'll be giving away brassieres??
no way. no way am i asking for cup sizes.
so i thought maybe accessories. or small kits\bags.
and photocards for one lovely mecamila.
ok so i still have to squeeze brains for the boys.
what the eff should i give the XY chromosomial species?!!

             {) last quarter was a sucker. i don't study.{} i know some of my grades,alrighty.
but i find them not alrighty!!
[english] - 82 or 83 (from 88 i became 83...dang fang shang. 'least our highest is 85.)
[social studies] - 87..well it didn't change even a tad bit.
that sucks.
i hope i got a line of 9 for Biology...
coz i want to have lines of 9 for all quarters!
this girl in the pic got 100 in biology.
despite the funny face, (yes,) she is smart..
Filipino ---> we ARE having a thesis like project.
and our topic is...


(the tree of life : coconut)

random weirdness.

             {)i have nothing to do{}

don't you think this pic is just so scary?
Luds (guy on the middle), that's bad luck.
tsk tsk tsk..good luck kay mama jean...
and i say again.. i have nothing to do.
so i played the guitar all day long. (forgetting to study for social studies)
and did daytripper's riff.
here's a song we composed for Lara:

Wednesday, November 9, 2005

darna has a function.

            {}pic courtesy of me{}
darna has functions too.
i just remembered that i can load all my mp3s in her.
never thought of that.
and i divided them into folders
such as British, Tagala, Jpop and Anime.
darn music.
darn them all.

            {}worms, anyone?{}
Yesterday all i did in PA was to pick up huge worm-termite-maggot-bulalo like thingies using improvised chopsticks out of a barbecue stick and a small twig. How happy.
Then we put all the worm-termite-maggot-bulalo like thingies into Butterfly's plot. how happy. :)
it's not that we're against them, we just don't know where to put the pests.. :)

            {}volleyball makes me itch{}
A lot of people have noticed that my skin revived from the scorch it underwent in the family olympics thingy-thingy.
volleyball.i hate volleyball.i had to suffer days of sunburn and months of darker skin.
but now it's almost back to normal.
thanks to the wonders of bath time.
do you know i wash myself w/ soap 3 times evry bath?
and one bar of soap will only last about...
1 week?
i lather lather lather it real well to make sure the soap really cleans.
maybe that helped in healing my chapped skin.

            {}idol ko si april boy{}
(i hate papaya soap)
do you know April Boy Regino is the most kikay guy during bath time?
he DISSOLVES bars of papaya soap into his bath tub and soaks himself there ALL DAY..well..not really.
if you can only see his bathroom cabinet! loads of papain and orange caustic soda! eek!
he said he had dark skin before. and look at him now.