Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dans is Dancing.

Okay, so i found a way to keep myself amused this xmas break.Image hosted by
But it's soooo hilarious that i don't even want to say it here...but don't worry,
ME LOVES YOU so i'm gonna tell.

funny eh? or maybe you don't know what those two are.
here are some resources to help you get rid of that long face.
[x] [x]

it's a tad bit weird ( dance and i do not mix) but it's fun anyway.
I started playing paraparaparadise on Jeneil's Birthday (and of course, i played with Mica, the BeMaNistyle addict)

oh well.
I was browsing youtube and found some really cute clips [and uncute clips, if there is such a word].
When you type in the word 'japan', most of the clips would be related to Gackt.
Gackt. I love his music [specially vanilla]
but I AM in doubt if this guy can really play the guitar.
Sure, he can play the piano, and lots of other instruments but i never saw him
play the guitar up close. the only clip i found of him playing the guitar, well..didn't quite seem like he was playing it, instead, he was just placing it over his crotch and striking it...and stuff.
And further wondering, is he gay?bi?metro? there's too much yaoi in his vids.
But still...Japanese boys kissing fellow japanese boys are cute.Image hosted by

And he doesn't want to have any children so that he can't pass his psychic abilities [which he regrets having].

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