Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And I'm Not Numb.

I know, I know. This layout is a mess.
I'm not good at making my own layouts okay, i just need more layout-making excercises.

My mom started putting up all
There are garlands all around the upper
inner corners of the walls (with large white flowers pinned on every square
inch, obviously i exaggerated), reindeers made out of garland-materials with a
sign saying "merry christmas", corsages and holly wreaths pinning strings of
small shiny balls (whatever you may call them) on the TV shelf, tiny xmas people
pinned EVERYWHERE, xmas balls, lace, and cut xmas lights (they call it 'rice
bulbs'. they're a lot cuter than your conventional xmas lights), and rose shaped
xmas lights winding the stairs (and even the door had a makeover, oh my.)

well anyway, i can't feel christmas coz i'm freaking bored to the point of boiling and re-freezing.

And all I can do at home is watch TV, surf the net, make layouts, draw art, photoshop, and guess what.

Chiyu has a boyfriemd!
i also couldn't believe it at first.
But what the heck, she's pretty cute.
I hope she'll send me a pic of her <3.

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