Thursday, December 22, 2005

Suppa-in Meekappu! Or Whatever I Said.

i'm not quite getting along with my Japanese Lessons very well.
I started studying this 5 years ago... by now i should have known everything about this!Image hosted by
But what the heck, i haven't even gone to Japan..
okay, lemme try an introduction.







see? crappy.
i just realized that you only need to drop the -su and add -nai to make a present tense verb negative.
gah.Image hosted by
Anyway, i'm so far convinced that gackt can play the guitar. saw him doing it .

my mom started packing our gifts for our "inaanaks".
Mami bought thea's gift from me for P100. good deal.
Can't use it anyway. you can see it here : [x]
you can also see a lot of my xmas stuff in that multiply account.


i had my hair straightened - it's naturally straight but i constantly pin the hair behind my ears so a part of it became a little wavy.

wooo.. and darn, am i looking for new perfume. i got easily bored with Philosophy's Baby Grace..I think I need something more upbeat coz light scents do not go with my personality.,,I hate fruity scents so i'm having a hard time thinking and rethinking which ones i would buy (i normally get more than one scent..but for now i only need one or teo, for school, coz i still have D&G's Light Blue for out-of-uniform occasions, e.g. shopping, etc.)

that's it for now...baboosh! xoxo

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