Monday, December 5, 2005

7:30 and still no caffeine. world record!

Right now I'm sipping on some all-natural coffee
rice I've been craving for since I was seven.


where do they get these things?



I am bound to do this essay for one of these

1.many of our fears are but imagined 1s bearing little

remembrance to what is real

2 the past defines as much as the present

3.i have been a gift. the gift of my past

4.telling the truth is not easy to do. its an act of


5.uhhh...I don't know. Rosa didn't copy it. :)


Since that's my only homework for tonight, i'm
saving it for last.

You know, Homework
is like Candy.You'll never know how long it would keep you awake.

-an original dizzy b. quote.


And further anyhoo..

Have you seen my illustrated poetry?

There's one right there on the left. It's called
"The Tragedy of the Girl Who Became A Tree".

Wait for my new poem, "Gold Boy".

I already finished it but I'm still doing the

Using gold acrylic.

And it's fun to make.

Cause its gold. and its paint.


And ultra further anyhoo.....

I forgot to bring Pixy stix this morning!

Gawk! Do you know what that means?


I promise I'll bring one tomorrow in Maui Punch.

since we have a cheer dance practice up to 7:00


And more super ultra anyhooooooo!!!

Kyle and Luds have been telling uber corny jokes
all day.





and another one,





And jokes like cheek,cheben,eight and chin,
eleben, twelb.




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