Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Change of Plans

as you can obviously see, i changed my layout again.
I easily got bored with pink. i suppose i'll go with more glum colors now.
i'm currently on my deviant stage, so i used one of my drawings (visit my dA!)
for this new layout.

almost a week after the xmas break and i still haven't done anything
but sew skirts and surf the net.
(see my dA for the skirts)

i haven't done my social studies project. i haven't done my english project. and my math problem set. and my filipino project. darn all projects, darn them. stop spoiling my boredom! oh well. that was pretty ironic and satire.

wish many people check this blog often. :)
too sleepy to write, xoxo.



i just realized that ABS' "Mga Anghel na Walang Langit" has a new timeslot! do they know how early I sleep?! Damn you Game knb! Damn you!!

And again. I'm here. I haven't eaten lunch and supper (only breakfast coz it's my all-time breakfast fave: fried eggplant and tuyo [dried fish]!!!) and i piggeg out. And i can feel my tummy grumbling slowly... -_-

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