Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I'm So Filthy. I H*te!

this arce guy just made my day by showing me the Phil Daily Inquirer A20 which contains this Webb a**hole.
I hate him.
We hate him.
Teachers hate him
even his teammates hate him.

Yesterday, we went to SM.
I saw a few people i know and a few people saw me too.
I saw a schoolmate and Joyce's dad. (which i prefer calling Big Josh)who stared at me.
Then i started browsing for art mediums.
I was thinking of buying Van Gogh colored pencils and tria markers but those aren't available in the Philippines yet..
so i think i'll just buy the ones that come in 700-2000 bucks.
It's not that i'm wasting money, I just wanted the best quality.

Ooooookay...so we just got the results for our differencial apt test..
my lowest score was 22/40 in language usage [i dunno why, but everyone had a low score on this]
and my highest was 40/40 in spelling. hooplah..i overthrew gabes by 2 points.

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