Monday, October 22, 2007

♥ italia!!

inspired ako; ng isang windang. ayan. Urami Shikabane. supaaa sugoiiii. :) ayos ha. mafia girl. :) i hope to add a little bit of chinami and mei karuma as well. yerfff, i have yet to find a eeny-weeny bottle pendant to put poison in, hahar. though i DO have a bottle pendant, may laman nga lang.

why do i always have a thang for glum, eerie, mafia girls with strange laughing manners and head traumas. (and black dresses, meoww!)

great. moar rzn to be an awfully rich bomb. swear, when i get my first 5-zeroed-k monthly salary imma buy myself something screaming cha-f*cking-nel! but hell i ain't going for the plastic surgery, ain't a jocelyn wildenstein wannabe!!!
cute nehh?? two of my faves in the cometes collection of chanel.
eto pa. trinkets from my other fave, Louis Vuitton.

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