Saturday, October 20, 2007

♥ i'm back to the geek type!


yeah yeah yeah. i know a LOT of people had been messing up with me.
even those who i haven't even talked to personally.
even those who don't even know what my last name is.

i'm not seeking for attention. i'm not seeking for fame.

what is fame, anyhoo?

is it the number of people you're with?
is it the percentage impact your name makes?
is it the amount of people who know you by nickname?
is fame all about figures, decimals, fractions and such?
does fame have anything to do with 'mathics and 'rithmetic?

fame. a word concerning hidden truths (read: lies).

i'm not aiming to be famous.
i'm aiming to be successful.

i don't go for the short-run.
i go for the long-run.
i don't go for the short-term.
i go for the long-term.

call me whatever.
call me 'just a pretty face'.
call me a 'dominatress'.
call me a 'temptress'.
call me a 'seductress'.
call me a 'boss'.
call me a 'bitch'.
call me anything you want.

'cos it all boils down to whatever we become a few years from now.

karma, dearests. karma.

happy cos you get money from your mommies?
happy cos you get attention from your 'friends'?

ack. i am not moved by your ramblings and random harshness out of spite.

out of spite. out of spite. naww. pathetic.

i could just wait and see you with your fetus-infested uterus(es), smoking pot wondering whether to get a divorce or marrying that rich old man. studying in a second rate school, and not be able to make anything out of yourselves outside high school. hay buhay.

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