Thursday, October 25, 2007


just how do you read " :( " ?

i am so gay, i stalk celebs.

hahah. enough of that.

since a lot of people had been asking for an update (mind you, i AM always online, need to keep the connection to pirate, harr!) it's just that i'm either AFK or TDL (too dang lazy) to write something.

♥today i want to tackle an issue about people being snobs.

yes, i art one of them. our driver calls me a snob. even my mom says i'm suplada. but what's with it really? why are people being so snobbish?

in my POV, i am a very moody person. when i'm a cloud, i'm a cloud: i drift with time. when i'm a rock, i'm a rock: nobody can tell me what to do. i like my privacy. my network is my responsibility: i am COMPELLED to choose my friends.

now for you.

wag naman kayong mainis kapag may ayaw makipagkaibigan sa inyo. Bakit, guguho ba mundo niyo kapag hindi kayo pinansin? siguro it seems na kapag di kayo pinansin, masungit na. maangas na. nagmamataas na. eh kung ayaw talaga, wag nang pilitin. Eh ano naman kung hindi ka inaccept sa friendster? o sa multiply? o hindi nagreply sa message mo? Mahirap magkaron ng madaming koneksyon. Lalo na't i have trust issues. I balance my friendship like how i play Pokemon, konting pkmn lang at dun ka magconcentrate. sana naiintindihan niyo.

salamat sa panahon.

♥ AFTER SEEING ANGELICA PANGANIBAN'S DRESSING ROOM PICS. here's a funneh shirt saying! : i'm fat but i can slim down; you're ugly and there's nothing you can do about it!"

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