Friday, October 12, 2007

food is overrated.

had been loading my DSlyt with movies. and by movies, i don't mean just those. heheh. someone give me a 2 or 8 gig micro sd card plees.

i will never use powder and cream cosmetics EVAR. no. neat eyebrows, doe lashes. all i need. lip balm too. and a bit of cheek stain para nga daw si maputla (c/o ate gabbah). no face powder din, YUCH. may gatsby sheets naman at evian, wahaha :)

MOAR of MEH today:
YES kids, laid off the external css and fancy profiling, hidden codes and other sh*t. nakakatamad na kasing mag code ng bago everytime friendster updates (which is, ALWAYS). sticking to the luxury matl's, teehee.

oh yeah, KYOTOCOLOR is ♥!

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