Saturday, January 19, 2008

senyorita rosela what i do?!

"i am your brother!
your best friend forever!
singing the songs, the music that you like,
we're brothers til the end of time!"
i woke up at around 5 in the morning. but i went back to sleep right away.
i didn't want to go to school. i didn't want to see the chosen && unfortunate few.
at around 7am, my mom started banging at my door. i said i had a headache and she let me be.

i didn't have a headache.

i slept all day. i forgot about my requirements, and the periodic test. :D what's there to review for anyway? three subjects? two of which are majors? oh really. i'm scared. :D lol. i never had a failing grade ever, i think it's time i get one, just to feel high school c:
and i have a college already! i don't need to be GC. haha, mentality. xD

i guess i'll have to read my trigo notes. i don't have anything for econ cos i never wrote down notes in that ugly fugly subject. it's the worst part of Social Studies there is! it shouldn't have existed in our curriculum. Z_O_M_B_I_E_!

may words of wisdoms pala si Francis Respect sa kin kagabi.
Haha wag mo patulan!
Isipin mo nalang, nakakita ka ng tae,
kala mo nagsasalita, di naman pala.ü
Pumasa ka (sa) UPCAT!
Tapos papatol ka sa utak lamok?
Pare naman!ü
this goes for everyone in my "to-do list". hahahaha. xD
hehehe. at least may kinabukasan na ko.
at least hindi ako aasa sa pagpasok ng CHK. lol. :D

pwede na kong magloko! xD wag lang sumobra.

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