Friday, March 17, 2006

moo milk moo. poo silk poo.

i've come far enuff to just notice what a wimp you are. I'm not the one isolated, not the one pushed away to remote places and definately not the one whom people are discouraged to befriend. and you somewhat seem baffled by the fact that you are so egoistic, you think you're so effing outgoing. No, i'm not going to say any bad word here, not now, cos i'm not an indifferent freak who cares so much about their large-as-jupiter-ego.

eggs will be fledglings, but some eggs remain eggs. i don't know what i'm saying, but if you dig in further then you'll dig it for sure.

I can thrive on my own and can definately do more than you can. i'm not even acrophobic for crying out loud. i can fight for my own whim and fancy atrociousness, doltiness, unorthodoxness, yadda yada you get the idea.

i'm high on kiwi essence and i can't think more than sleep.

nehoo.. i've been trying to drift away from certain souls, i'd like souls more deserving of me. not that i'm bragging, but there are just some ol souls that can't handle me-. top ten people suck. (excluding noisy people and those who can play the piano)

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