Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Summer is Almost HERE~!
(and i need something to do to keep me amused.)

so i started making stencils (once again) but i wanted to create original images, and because i don't have a freaking graphic tablet, i just drew 'em on some transparencies.

I've made 4 sets already:

here's a shot of what #004 (evilbear) would look like once it's finished:
(i know..i know..kinda looks like domo-kun, nee?)

all my designs are guaranteed cuddly, vector-ish and yummy-looking (even bunnies can be yummy looking!)
I'll post the finished prods this summer...just wait.wait.wait.wait.wait.wait.wait.wait.

I'm also planning on making more Taffies and Creampuffs. (sorry if i make my own terms for these things!)

Well, Taffies are veil-y short overskirts to add some pizzaz to whatever pair of pants you're wearing. It has zips and a hook and eye to keep it in place. It's something that looks like this.

On the other hand, creampuffs are also short overskirts but instead, it's made out of tulle (and it has an elastic waistband). This is prolly something i can compare to tutus.



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