Tuesday, August 30, 2005

vei'm not...for the heck of it.

"The Great Pansol Wall
Behind It Is Very Small
Pansol has it all. "
- darn haiku. by dizzy.

i may once be one of those who threw rocks at boys.
yeah. right. a mean boy-hatin' tomboyish kogal bebe.
i cannot be moved by mushy sweet words and such.
i can turn all zanthic and frozen just seeing people flirting around and having flings.
which was, so, like.. eew .

today, natinag ako.
to hear a person compare me to

an angel from the sky.


greater than an angel from the sky.

even the effort made me tinge.

walang meaning.

but it's very meaningful to me.
(most likely because i'm an idiosyncratically materialistic, though not so concrete as of now.)

haaaaaaaaay. buhay.
buntong hininga.

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