Sunday, August 21, 2005


let me just tell you about our aqcuaintance party.
our class got dismissed a @ 2:30, i rushed home. i had no choice but to commute.
hell, polluted. and what really made it suck was the traffic.
my mom wasn't home so i had to work things out myself, i dressed up in some boho clothes, and then my mom came, and fetched a taxi.
after paying P102, i looked at the watch, it was just 5:00. too early, good thing some of my friends are already there.
about 6:00 the rest of my friends came, wearing same clothes as me . darn, the theme was hawaiian, we were in kawayan.
the drums were not good, and the guitars were worse.
11:30. we sneaked and went home.
1:00 i slept.
9:00 am i woke up! ate spaghetti, and toast.
later, we watched the sisterhood of the traveling pants, then the shining.
i went home.
then i watched the eye 2..

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