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this is an html version of i book i printed ^_^
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chapter 1

gray was the color of her eyes.
everyday, she'll look at the charisma mirror above the white sink.
when she woke up, she went to her vanity mirror.
it was white.
as plain.
as dull.
an old white hairbrush that she had been using for the last five years was what she used to untangle her hair.


her gray eyes were staring right back at her.
it's perfect, she thought, as she placed the brush on top of the mirror desk.
her name was Ayame.
gentle as an iris she was.
shy, as it's deep blue petals,
fragile, as it's stalk.
she was sad.
she was mourning for something she cannot even identify.

Ayame tied the curtain holders to the window grills to let the light in,
and sittling by the edge of her bed, she closed her eyes.
it was her favorite color.
she never knew what color it is, but it was her favorite color.
the inside of her eyelids were a pretty color when hit by light.
she called it by the name 'sorrow'.

chapter 2

"yame-chan~!" goes the shrill voice of Yukari, Ayame's best friend every morning.

Yukari was different.
She was always happy.
nothing seemed to trouble her.
Ayame wished she could be like that.

it was the first day of classes after spring.
the leaves were starting to crisp, some fall, some stay, making a rich brown river of trees along the stone-paved streets.

Yukari squeezed the faux furball hanging from her cinnamoroll cellphone pouch.

"what have you been up to for the last ten days?" Yukari asked.

"oh, me... you know me, i'm always idle." Ayame replied, indifferently, looking at her doll shoes.

Yukari unzipped her pouch and clutched her pink cherry-printed flip-phone.

"well, well.. that might mean you haven't heard of the news yet,"
Ayame looked up.

"what news?"

"our school isn't an all-girl exclusive school anymore. there will be boys to throw rocks at now," Yukari said with a slight giggle.

The two entered their classroom,
a well lit room midway across the second-year isle, then passed the beam upon the door with a big "II-B" on it.
Ayame sat down at the last chair on the last row, right next to the window, where from there you can perfectly see the 2-decade old acacia tree, with it's almost all-brown coat.
Yukari took the seat next to her.
"guess we're too early.." yukari said, pouting like a baby.
the two went outside the building, to wait for their other classmates.
chapter 3
"there is a rainbow..there is a rainbow under the clouds...there is a rainbow under the clouds"


i don't understand..i don't understand...

"miss Ayame..."

she woke up.

"miss page 92 please.." the teacher repeated.
"My black hair tangled
As my own tangled thoughts,
I lie here alone,
Dreaming of one who has gone,
Who stroked my hair till it shone." ayame spoke like she was awake the whole time.
"good now, miss ayame, next time, don't sleep in my class." the teacher said.
"now, i want you to make a piece of verse, no, a poem..any form can be used, more than one poem submitted will be very appreciated".
ayame grunted.
she felt a hand fall gently upon her shoulders.
"yukari, none of your jokes right now," she said.
"who's yukari?"
ayame looked behind her.
it was a new student. of course, all new students are boys.

"my name is Toshi, what's yours?"
"me...i' name is ayame..and i'm antisocial."
"hrrm? well, that's queer. i like that."
surely, she thought, this man isn't smart.
" i know.. i'll make a haiku for you.."
"ayame... ayame is an angel from the than an angel from the sky..."
"ayame is only three syllables..and the rest is more than seven."
"nn? yeah..guess i'm not very good at know, i'm slow.."
"i thought so too."
"oh, don't mind me, i'm crazy."
"ohh...hehe. here, take this..this is my first-day-of-classes-gift for you!"
out of his pocket, he got a small stuffed toy.
it was a tiny pink rabbit, it's eyes were a darker shade.
sorrow. Yukari thought as she noticed the color of the rabbit's eyes.
"her name is Momo...take god care of her."
chapter 4
the soft breeze tapped on Ayame's round window.

the sheen of the moon was silent.
it's cold glow was ghastly.
death-like stellars glittered the velvet of the night.

She changed clothes, a soft pastel blue dress with laced edges,
threw her top in the bin, and hung her skirt inside her closet, for she used one skirt twice if it didn't get very dirty.

out of her skirt pocket dropped the little bunny Toshi gave her.
poor thing...i have forgotten about you, she said.
slowly, she picked the bunny up, and placed it next to her while she lay in bed.
Ayame noticed a slight gash on the bunny's bottom,
that imp! thinking of giving me some piece of trash..filth!, she thought.
Momo's eyes looked up at hers.
sorrow. she thought again.
having pity for the bunny's sorrow-tinted eyes, she mended the gush.
she was not good at it as she expected, but what's important was that she kept the batting from spilling out.'re not bad after all.
saying this, she remembered Toshi.
Toshi gave Momo.
she blushed.
what the heck.

he was stupid, she knew, he was slow, he was dumb.
he said the most meaningless things.
he seems so worthless.
if i have one hairstrand for every ignorance he has, i'd be a chow-chow.
still, the thought of him seeped in her mind.
shaking her head, she stuck Momo under her pillow, turned the lamp out and she went to sleep.

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