Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Good Morning.

gahh. i still am not sleepy. had had 2 mugs of coffee and a mug of cold milk. i still. am. not. sleepy.
had had 12 aspirins. still. am. not. sleepy. i shouldn't be drugging myself. but bah. it's just aspirin.

been playing with pics. with my purikura maker. how awfully entertaining. it's 2:30 in the morning and i'm muddying up pictures with glitz and korea.

anyway. words of wisdom (or as the quezon city slang would say, words of wisdoms) for today.

Sa ganda m0ng yan, maraming mgmamahal sau..
Nagtanung k p,kung ikukumpara sau..mas mganda kah
Mahal mo xa? Ate dishi, is that you?; you complement each other
ang sarap solusyonan.

mahal naman kita ah.
at dalawang sorry mula sa dalawang taong wala namang ginawang mali sakin..

how come chad you thought of turning me into a fashionista volleyball player? i will make you into the bad bad ventriloquist controlling my puppet starfish in the cake shop of lawyers and doombringerrrr!

(wow. bago. Meatspin ni Pudge. haha. Sentinel: "my eyes! scratch my eyes from thy sockets!this Meatspin is t3h h4xx0rz@") omg. u are so officially gay. a more wholesome alternative: . . . turn on the speakers mehnn!!

college. a time of.. haha. wala.oyeh, tama ka AJ. haha, humanda kayo sakin. pssh. alonso hall, here i go.

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