Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Breaking Wheel

Face it, you can't trust just anybody. Particularly stray, thick, feeble minded retards who suck on whatever skills you have and use you, not even taking into consideration one's abilities to strike back. And specially those who have more than two dimes to rub together yet cannot spare a mere 20 bucks to buy their own originality, what a shame.

The species with the XX chromosomes is forsooth funny, the gender who knows the word 'back stab' and 'plastic' more than anyone else.

I for one like to keep my circle as small as possible, to build and weave into it trust. And not only that, i would rather make ties with the species with XY chromosomes.

As to why that is, here's my bentsingko.
boys know a little something called 'kapatiran'. they abide the code of chivalry unconsciously. they are concise. they are frank.

Girls, on the other hand, are barely plastic dolls. they demand attention. they want to be pampered. they pull down others to make themselves stand out. in layman's language, girls are technically crabs.

I don't know what I'm supposed to say to you. Thank ma'am Dedette when she told me na wag ko nalang pansinin. Before immaturely assaulting me and my friends, think about this first.

1) So we're supposed to be the lower species? Then it follows that the higher species to you are those girls who change boyfriends more frequently than bedspreads and smoke more sticks than use a tiny 0.5% of their brains? how high class that is.

2) If you claim so and so to find me not even a tad bit attractive, why'd you say that i was around more than a year ago? was that a mere permit of having me pass on my elite abilities to you and help you with your mediocre shit? In fact, i see that you are rather insecure however much you deny it. overanxiousness wouldn't change the fact that he chose me over you, no offense.

3) If you assert so and so to see me as an 'easy' target, how come in all of your past jugjug lives it was you who kept on running after them boys? are you that desperate or what? in my point, chasing after guys is a tad bit scary, mind you. If i was as easy as you think, i should've had someone by now.

Haha. You and your callow whining.
Something i'd like to hear get louder and louder 'til it dies, much like a banshee's cries. Face it kid, even your friends detest you. Being 'feeling worthy' and all. you can't even win a medal on your own.

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