Saturday, August 5, 2006

Happy Birthday ba-Jewjew!

And thanks for the 2 slices of chocolate mousse, the buncha grapes, the yellow cab pizza, the eggs, the veggies, the chicken, the raisins, potatoes, carrots, bellpeppers, water, iced tea, milo, cheese tart, crinkles, pistachio ice cream, and more! ! ! many thanks to ye.

We finished filming most of the movie, and it was fun. i did the editing. i slept at around 2:00 am. and i wasn't a tad bit sleepy! hooray.
Masaya palang mag-edit..mahirap lang ang timing tsaka pag-cut. angsaya ng BGMs..:) when i finish editing em and sticking em put together, i think i'll upload it here or somewhere else. :P


goodluck sa mga nag-UPCAT at magu-UPCAT!!!!!!

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