Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hospitals Scare Me

My mom and i went to PGH this morning to check on my dad (and for her to switch places with my kuya). why pgh? kasi sinusuportahan namin ang UP. tsaka dahil taga dun yung nirecommend na doc.
what did i do there exactly? a little daughter's touch, feed people, solve puzzles, eat rambutan (yay!) buy dvds (yay!!) buy 2 dressshirts (YAY!!) and sleep. yes.

and there was this spooky girl's voice singing in the elevator. i swear i would never step into a malfunctioning elevator ever.

nga pala.

bukas ang MTV!
suport suport suporta pepol! GO GOLDEH!

limang dipang baboy!

im excited to wear my costume, goddammit.

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