Sunday, January 21, 2007

Claiming I Hold Too Much Time in My Hands

I should be doing my projects and rereading/rewriting notes. Since things are flowing down too much happy than it is in reality, I chose to eat dessert first.

Doomie asked me if I could hack his friendster account and change the css, and be his dog and check the mail, and add myself. And sorts. And I did. Topher, on the other hand, asked me if i could play his account [in o2jam,yes] and in 4 hours [yes, four, i was wrong, not five, only four] i clinked my fingers to level 10. yays.

I also made the supposedly plain-brown-wrapper wrappers for the gifts, quilled with strips of brown and leaves and all. It looks as if you'd go to hell before you make up your mind and rip the wrapper apart. It's too much ethereal.

You are such a staller, a procrastinator, setting back things waiting for their prime. deferring tasks until you feel like cramming. remitting responsibilities until you're blamed. I hate me. i so crotting hate me.

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