Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Galit ako. enough said?

f*ck you. all of you. no not all. at least vaguely all of you. and don't think i ain't serious. this isn't one of those times i say my "i love you"s to random people. or times when i pinch random people. Doomie said he couldn't pinch ladies without proper equipment.

This entire pink-sugar world. Is a lie now. I hate bitchboys. I hate the immature and vile. I hate users. I hate random people. And I hate the teletubbies cos they scare the batting out of me.

See, this life. Is one big level up game crossed with Pokemon (the game, not the effing cartoon). You get to meet people to get that delicious nutricious shiny "level up" hovering above your heck of a head, or sometimes use rare candy to feed your Snorlax lazy social climber-ism (if there is such a word).

Don't frustrate me.

Crot. Just forget it and grow up. I don't care whatever successful little @ss becomes of you. I hope you wouldn't be anyway. i feel like jumping around in my underwear bashing a guitar and yay David Bowie! yay! i'm acting strangely.

Well. Eff you all for having a better life than I do. My life crots. I don't why everything seems so unfair. Maybe cos i'd rule one day? Ionno. maybe.

don't get me wrong. im not a love-lover. im a hate-advocate and a love-hater, it's weird but i still believe that everyone is meant to be loved. Everybody has a lover - Doomie. You so totally give me awesome quotes, you should make your own anthology of Doomie quotes by Doomie for Dummies.

Moral: greed gains nothing, loses everything. no. don't joke about things which aren't true cos it's bad to the bone and makes tough (gorgeous ^^) gamer girls keen and weep silently at 2 am in the morning. I miss the college people.

[question: do i look like i'm conyo? do i? oh crud!should i speak in english all the time? Cos taj said she thought i was conyo. oh yeah naman daba i make salita in tagalog naman din every now and minsan. LOL. pakyu taj aylabyu. :D]

Thanks Doomie for giving me a new name. Yay Puffy! lol. whatev.

1. what bothers you ryt now?
-- people. bitchboys. yes.

2. what is your favorite month of the
-- what difference does it make.

3. what happened last night?
-- i felt like laughing then i realized i should be crying so i did. well that happened around 2 am.

4. what is your greatest fear?
-- be rejected. it crots.

5. what was the best thing that
happened to you this week?
the worst things happened this week so screw life.

6. what are u planning to do this
-- you suck eggs

7. what can you promise to the one you
-- i hope you won't frustrate me cos i'd hate you more than what you expect.i slash tires you know. slashing-tires spree.

8. what will you wish for if you have a
-- it's a secret mr. roboto.

9.who is the one youre thinking of ryt
-- i don't like to think right now. my brain's drained.

10.who do you run to when you're down?
-- i run trucks down that's what i'm for.

11.who are the most influential people
in your life ryt now?
-- sonny belmonte.

12.who was the last person you went out
-- jharvee

13.who will you call/text later?
-- the norms. halloo. mga 2008;2010. lage nman eh. yeah right lagi naman eh. lagi naman eh. lagi naman eh. screw yew.

14.who completes your day?
-- dying

15.who do you want to talk to ryt now?
-- that one person who hasn't frustrated me yet.

1. when will you watch a movie?
-- before i die

2. when was the first time you fell in
-- sheesh.

3. when was the last time you went out
with your friends?
-- i don't recall

5. when was the last time you said "i
love you"?
-- hah. i say that a lot. to random people. and it's sad so sad. can anybody find me someone to love.

6. when was the last time you read a
-- this morning. i had to read two books about the filipino luke and leia padme-anakin twins from hell and plankton burgers and i'm serious.

7. when was the last time you asked for
-- last night? if you could call that asking for help.

8. when was the last time you kissed
your dad/mom?
-- last night. i love dade.

9. Do u easily get attracted to the
opposite sex?
-- no. eff you. eff them. i hate them right now.

Do u get jealous easily?
-- yes and it's sickening.

Any people in-love with u right now?.
-- eff you for asking that. what's your problem? anyway, there is. college people. college people.

Want to get married?
-- not a church wedding. nope.

Are u serious wen it comes to
-- yes. and people find it funny.

Are you afraid of commitments?
-- no

Do actions speak louder than words?
-- yes. and it annoys me when he does that magic he does. i wish i could do that to. eff you nars.

How can u say that a person luvs you?
-- when he's not using you as rare candy cos this world is one big level up game crossed with pokemon.

Are you good in handling relationships?
-- i'm good in handling conversations, only if that other person knows how to speak.

Willing to give everything?
-- yes and it's sickening

Do u demand ur luv1 to change into
someone that pleases u?
-- no. that's pathetic.

Wud u let go of some1 u love?
-- if i let go of that person then i hate him already.

Wat is the major reason of a break up?
-- should i repeat everything i said.

Most important ingredient in a
-- sugar

One thing u like about love?
-- the letter L. it's so easy to write. and O.

Is your heart broken, beating, or
-- all stated.

Ask me if i hate you, and if i do, then you're doomed. guard your tires. cos i'll slash em. if you're not sure, then assume that i do hate you. It's sad.

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