Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bittersweet Apple Peels

miraculous breakthrough. would you believe that i woke up @ 5:30 am? w00t.
it seems like my devart frenzy is plunging down at a rate faster than a falling sandwich (i always use this phrase in my English projects).

Okay. So I don't know what date it is today but my dad would be coming home by the 28th, and my trusty ole friend, Janine (otherwise known as Kaye) would be here by the 27th. Unluckily, due to the killjoy cygnus of Feng Shui we couldn't go to any beach. Which is a weird thing cos we always dip in shores during summer.

[x]HELP ME[x]
Take me to the sea.
Fach. Yup. That was a stretch for the F word. Other than being bored to death, I'm forced to sleep after lunch Prolly because of my brother who would not go to sleep unless I would as well. But then its soo hard waking up. Specially after eating. Am I getting fat? darn.
Our digicam's broken (thanks to my wonderfully intelligent brother who placed it right below a working air conditioner for months, making its mechanics freakishly moist), but luckily, i've got my N6680. muhaha.
Lara dearest IMed me last night asking me if i would want to join their skating thingy (once again) by the 22nd.
I sort of declined it (sort of lang ha!) kasi hindi ko alam yung exact date ng pag-uwi ni dadi and kaye.
To make it clear.. nacoconfuse ako. tae. hindi ko kasi alam kung anong mangyayari sa 3rd year.
sobrang busy ba? (lalo na at JA ako, bus. man. pa ,FYI) Mahirap ba? (ohh shaat i regret my 1st year)
talking about first year..
GRR talaga. tama nga. nasa huli ang pagsisisi. 1.83 ang average ko nung 1st. sana naman greater than 1.75 average ko last SY tapos sana naman makaya ko ang 3rd year. shungklanks talaga. sharts.
Ilang days na nga lang pala ilalabas na yung card. oh well. ang tanga ko. ang tanga tanga mo damien.

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