Thursday, April 20, 2006

Cookie Cutters

"What I like about you - You hold me
Tell me I'm the only one why don't you come over tonight

Keep on whispering in my ear
Tell me all
the things that I want to hear
Cos that's true
That's what I like about

[x]The Romantics, What I Like About You.

chop. our house is being renovated (again). Owing to the creaky ceiling.
DSL was choppy. Di ako makapag net. Thus the delayed post.
And woot. I lost 10 pounds in a few days. Which is not healthy. but I swear, I'm not doing anything.
Tulog kain lang talaga. Nagulat nga ako nung makita ko yung weight ko eh. Haha.

Date. Janine would be arriving on 27 (confirmed) and dady by 28 (confirmed).
I hope I live somewhere I could jog. I love running. I just don't have the place.
(and mood). Maybe then, I'll be busy.

Mirror. My hair is getting longer now. Whee. I need to chop off my bangs. It's swooping over one eye now.
Iowanna look ala-emo. (see, I don;t want to call it emo cos emo is a way of living. It's not about the fashion, the hair, the music. It's just a way of living). I need to chop it off. Or should I say razorcomb.

Acids. teased aquanet bangs. wanna try that hair soon. lol. i watched ice age 2.
Bading na ang boses ni Sid. Dati lalaki pa sya pero ngayon bading na.
Mga loka, bading ang mga Sloth noong post Ice Age. Ipagkalat nyo mga bruhilda, ipagkalat nyo!

Okey ka Kokey. Game. So there's an excerpt from a song at the beginning of my post, right?
according to Dr. Dolittle 2's Cherise (sp?) : everybody is meant to be loved.
woot. so i stumbled across this thread about love in this forum, and cos i dunno anything about it, i read on.
one delicate topic. then another one: PMS. one girl said: sex is only a sin when done outside marriage. almost everyone disagreed. but there's another [logical] girl who said: sex is only a sin when done out of lust. agree? I do. That's one of the major stirs in our generation at this point of life. Magising kayo pipol. Bata pa kayo. Love someone out of pure love. no lust. no musth. don't be so sloppy, having relationships (or flings, i say) just for the heck of experience. Ano, so yun na yun? Have you read Ha Jin's Waiting? According sa kaibigan ko, masarap lang daw yung 'ligawan' at 'kiligan' part pero pag kayo na, naku, bagong goal nanaman. Same with Waiting. Kapag na reach mo na yung highest goal mo, what next? Amp. Parang ano lang yan eh, Nagnakaw ka ng candy pero hindi mo naman kakainin. Shetlist pare. Mahilig kasi tayong mga Pilipino sa bawal. Kaya lalong pinagbabawalan, mas gagawin. Nakaka thrill daw kasi. Gumising nga kayo. tae.

"Suddenly he felt his head expanding with a
shooting pain. He was giddy with the intuition that this marriage might not be
what he wanted. He sat down on a rock to catch his breath and think
The voice went on, Yes, you have waited for so
many years but for what?
He found his mind blank and couldn't answer. The
question frightened him, because it implied that
all those years he had waited
for something wrong
let me tell you what really happened, the voice
All those years, you waited torpidly , like a sleepwalker, pulled and
pushed about by others' opinions, by external pressure, by your illusions, by
official rules internalized.
You were misled by your own frustration and
passivity, believing that
what you were not allowed to have was what your heart
was destined to embrace

[x] ha jin. waiting.

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