Sunday, April 2, 2006

Pearl Arbor.

I made this painting a few hours ago. Her name is Fern. Oo, oo. bagong layout. i notice.

Right now, my lil bro is watching Finding Nemo for the nth time. Then he'll switch to Dinosaur or Brother Bear or Jurassic Park or Star Wars or Garfield, Evolution, Forrest Gump, the Gods Must be Crazy or God knows what.

Spent my day downloading fonts. Handwriting fonts, big fonts, header fonts, bitmap fonts, everything. Sorta need em for photoshop. I love photoshop, I wish I had a tablet (wacom is ok) and I wish this damn mouse would work the way I want it to work.

And because I've got so much free time in my hand, I made this for me! (and everyone else).

should you be stupid,
it reads:
some days you're the dog,
some days you're the hydrant.

plus i also made this for me. and for everyone else named dishi.(whoever you are)

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