Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pretty Things Like Lemon Rinds

It's something I knew wasn't coming. there are a few ups and downs that have been circulating my soul (and brain as well) these days.
so lets see what i've been doing.

deviantart it seems like ive been in a devart frenzy for a few days. and i even stumbled across this page which gave me a one week trial subscription, for free. i got a lot of hits after a few days prolly cos of my deviations called Popsicle and Innocence (which are both too amiable)

computer games my brother is so soaked in PS2 right now so i literally pwn the PC. extreme pwnage of teh b0x0rz. i tripped across this red box kept under the cupboard and found a hoard of ultimately soft and silky smooth (i know, quite a stretch) pc game knock offs. i tried to install Sims 2 for the nth time already but i'm not good with faux stuff and this crack thing is frustrating. i'll try again tomorrow morning, i mean, i can install it and i copied the crack and still it does not show the piccies and the descies and there's a problem with the living mode and its quite annoying. im sooo not good with fauxies.

school due to the constant nightmares of acads, i started memorizing (exagge, i know) the dictionary and reading my brother's chemistry books. i also started memorizing the PToE. and its stupid cos i didn't get Titanium the first time i ran through it. I just hope math would go smoothly this time. *just* wish.

freaks get together? i dunno. you confuse me. that's all i have to say.

missing damn you into eternal damnation. i never knew i could miss someone this much. damn you. i'll tell on damien. he'd kill you and let your blood gush and spew all over the place. *sigh*

damien who is he really? i don't even know. he's someone i made up. someone i know i would meet somewhere in the future. anger. oh how i loathe your name. oh no. i envy your name. ypu should die in the hands of doom. but that can't happen yet cos i need to meet you first you blood sucker.

songs daaaamn these things are sure hard to take off. try visiting . i'd particularly suggest listening to Badger Badger, Scampi, Magial Trevor and Dugong. I still can't take the songs out of my head. "everyone loves magical trevor cos the tricks he does are ever so clever look at him now disappearing the cow where is the cow hidden right now taking a bow its magical trevor look at him there with his leathery leathery whip its made from magic and with a little flip yeah yeah the cow is back yeah yeah the cow is back! back back back from his magical journey. what did he see in the parallel dimension. he saw beans lotsa beans lotsa beans lotsa beans oh beans lotsa beans lotsa beans lotsa beans yeah yeah!" damn. i still am singing it to sleep.

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