Tuesday, April 25, 2006

kotong kendi.

yesterday, i slept with my glasses on. :
fatigue. I'm really in doubt. i think i have some emotional illness.
i think it's manic-depression. Lahat ng sintomas nasakin na eh. even loss of appetite and insomnia. pati fatigue out of light work.

grades. yipey. got my card. and my grades are... (cheng chenenen!)

MATH 8 Algebra : 84
MATH 8 Geometry : 83
MUSIC : 86
P.E. : VG..hehe

average : 1.49 ..

yehey... wala akong layn op seben!
But as I expected, i'm no good at any form of math.
I wasn't expecting: 91 from Filipino. Grabe. Tumaas pa ko ng 1 point kahit batugan ako sa sabjek na to.
Neither did I expect to have another 99 from Bio. Sayang. nawala talaga sa isip ko yung last part! 100 sana ako... :(((
and lastly... 84 from algebra... feeling ko kasi zero ako sa perio... :x wala akong masagot!!! :3

ESEM. I just had to go to SM that day for some calorie problems. :) So after mame and I got my card, we went to COOP to have the tailor make my uniform. unluckily, they pulled out from the shopping center. Then nandun si Aia tapos nakita ni mame. tapos may pupuntahan si Mame but I really need to go to SM. Eh 9:00 palang. so I waited for 1 hour. just sitting there sa siopaoan. toying with the applique on my sandals. :) and wiping my glasses. then nag-intay ako ng jeep. antagal. heck. after 10 years, may jeep na rin. and narealize ko lang na katapat ko pala ang aking bratty mayabang schoolbus-mate (mate? heck!) the whole time.
Nung nasa SM nako, hell! ansakit ng hamstrings ko. Reason: I spent last night playing with the jumping rope. so nauwi nalang ako sa pagbili ng babybench cologne (just for the heck of completing my childhood, namimiss daw kasi ang childhood mo kapag wala ka nito..hehe.) tapos binigay ko sa kapatid ko. saya no? Cotton candy.

I think pag magshashopping kami for clothes next time, i'd take dresses, overshirts and patterned stockings.. :)

P.S. : my card was seperated from the heap of report cards on the table. See, theres a huge pile on the right, and a small stack on the left. mine was on the left. anong meaning nun? iyon ba ang club of bestfriends ni miss Lily? hehe. ewan.

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