Saturday, April 1, 2006

orange sorbet.

isn't it just nice when you're having your house renovated.
binabaklas ang aming mga ceiling ngayon. aayusin. daw.
i had to sleep somewhere nice last night.
it's not supposed to be nice but for me it is, since i haven't slept there since grade 2.
this morning i went to a funeral. this is the third death. whoo. melancholy.
then we went to the mall to buy tools and a happy yellow tool basket (i can't call it a toolbox, it's err...a basket.)and my mom also bought this vinyl closet for there's no more space for clothes. and there's more coming.
if you see my old room, puno ng closet. traffic 'ika nga.
i bought some things i could use sometime in the future and for my porcelain dolls as well.
i took this lipgloss thingy just because i liked the color but i'm not gonna use it anyway.
I'm just staring at it.
and i also bought this silvery-whitey e/s for the epicanthus of my porcelain doll, danielle.
she's creepy. she stares at me at night.maybe this will make her look more cheerful.
I'm watching kareshi kanojo no jijou all over again. you know what?Ito ang secret namin ni mica para maging bwakaw. ewan lang kung samin lang talaga to umeepekto. mukha nga. :D
when dad comes, i think i'll revamp my closet(s). i need clothes. yes. i'm tired of tees. and skirts/pants and sneakers.
pero di naman ako a la Karen Walker [will&grace] na after magsuot ng damit itatapon na.
hindi nga niya alam na puwedeng labhan.
whee. 95 (ata) ako sa english. nakaka line of 9 pa pala ako dun. :P
sabi nga ni john roe:
ilong pa lang, ulam na!

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