Tuesday, June 13, 2006

C is For The Candy Wow Wow Wee.

Pussy wuss. after a day of pretending to be the 'everest watch' host, paging Romy Garduce (no, not pronounced as gar-du-che, it's gar-dus!) with hello hellos, calling AJ Jessica Soho and Karen Arn Arn, reading my 'tasks of a chemist' acrostic, eating nata de coco mango mode, singing Narda's another day with Eek's ritmo, playing 'iwannakikopensaydtusayd' to the entire The Barracuda Song by The's (exhausting), isometric drawing, laughing with Pael's thoughts of Kevin dancing The Backstreet Boys' "Get Down" behind the karaoke machine back when we were kindergarteners, Miggy's "hawakan mo nga tenga" stints (annoying, somewhat uneasing), drinking "gatas ng kalabaw na may adik" twice (with matching cheesecake), flailing our hands above the world by the overpass, listening to Bright Eyes' Haligh Haligh A Lie Haligh (nakakarelate ako sa girl.), and eating green peas and potatoes, inaantok na ako.

My voice. is. changing. an. it. sucks. I can't do low octaves no more. neither did i go up one octave. kailangan ko nang ipitin ang boses ko. gayahin ko kaya boses ni mica?? :3
Uy. Bagong plan. Since Algeb lang naman ang homework for tomorrow, i think i'll make myself one of those ribbon headbands Eeks bought from Singapore na hindi niya ko binilhan kasi sweater yung binili niya sakin. Tapos magrerebyu ng Chem, FIli, Soshal, at Journ.

The one you painted blue
glued with jewelry tears. Something about those bright colors always made
you feel better.

EDIT: I think i'll just spend my day leeching limewiring Indian Summer's songs. And looking for better quality 5678's mp3s. Darn. Did The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift really use 'the barracuda' song in their digshit film? I so hate them. >:(
Peborit kong 5678's song yun eh!!! oooooooh wee! At yan, ina-upload ko na yung Tugish Takish songs by special request. Hmm. I'll have to make another playlist. I hate you people. :3

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