Sunday, June 18, 2006

You Are My Milk of Magnesia.

i should be telling this with a sigh. Enough with the Robert Frost-y leads.
Me likes to write in verse.

Plastic Cups on Paper Trees
You are such a lie. lie-ty lie-dy lala-lie.
you're not even artsy. you're just fartsy plus deny.
you keep on saying stuff without looking at yourself first
or maybe you do look but what just makes it simply worst
is that you do not notice what we all observe in you!
you poor you, pathetic, thinking we all love you too.
the bitter truth is, dearie, we already saw what's true.
(and by saying we, i really mean it.)

wow, poem. i never thought i'd see the day when i write a poem again. :) but of course, that was a few hours ago.
Argh. This shouldn't be happening. I guess that's one bad thing about me : i never forget. i seldom forgive.
(gee. it's not my fault people like
talking to me. it's not my fault people like me. it's not my fault you look like
a pile of technicolor manure.)

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