Saturday, June 23, 2007

Review Time. :)

Image:NTR Hotel Dusk 215 ss02.png
HOTEL DUSK : Room 215
tae. sinimulan ko tong laruin kagabi. hatinggabi. tapos hanggang ngaun aliw pa rin ako. aliw kasi yung story. tsaka yung art. hindi game na kababawan. :) tapos ang cute ni Mila. at aliw talaga ang art. parang video ng take on me. :) mas aliw sa GTA. :) aliw aliw aliw.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a mystery told in a noir-like manner. Kyle Hyde arrives at the hotel to pick up a package his boss has sent and checks in for the night. The hotel's owner, Dunning, gives him a key to Room 215, or "Wish" -- so named for its apparent ability to grant the wishes of those that stay there. As Kyle wanders the hotel, he runs into several other guests, and finds himself becoming tangled in their problems. However, as a list of coincidences begin to pile up, he starts to realize that Hotel Dusk and its inhabitants may hold the clues he's been searching for that will lead him to Bradley and the truth behind what happened three years ago.

malalim na game. di sing babaw ng elite beat agents. di sing cute ng nintendogs. pero aliw laruin. :)

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