Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Every Part of me is Vestigial

i've been looking at the brighter side of ballet. meh, it makes you palpitate. more than a round of drills for the heckuvalost street dance. plus it's fun to have modeling drills. :) give me seductive, give me naive! give me a twig.
Look at MK Olsen. Argh. She's 50% coffee, 40% cocaine and 10% protein.
skinny bitch.
aj and alud had been asking me things about kcals and weight management. heck. i am so unhealthy. it's not healthy to lose 12 pounds in two weeks right? and 0.3 inch from your arms in a few days?

[hahaha. firefox is mine. i own firefox in this pc. wahaha.]

i am having real fun burning backups for my cds. Franz Ferdinand's Franz Ferdinand and You Could Have It So Much Better, the Pipettes' We Are the Pipettes. Bikini Kill.. (even Otsuka Ai, lol.)

as of now. my phone. has nine-f*ing-teen bucks. one shot, gotta load myself up with that, and its over... :p

i dreamt of something awfully brilliant. :) i hope. i hope. i hope. :(
j'avais pensé et avais pensé.
Dieu, je le veux vraiment que j'ai besoin vraiment de lui à côté de moi j'ai juste noté.
je suis hanté !
j'ai ses images partout mon miroir, de sorte que quand je regarde pour voir mon visage, je voie son visage.
le doux la poupée, est dans l'amour encore <3

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