Monday, April 23, 2007

Year Ender ng Nine Gold! :)

sooo. i slept around twelve last night hoping for a single star to fall from the sky to make my dreams come true. instead i saw a freaking jetplane making a straight stream of smoke. what a sweet fix for a fairytale thought.

when i was bout to sleep, i started crying for no reason at all. i wasn't sad; nor was i angry. i just was crying for whatever the hell god cares.

so. i set my alarm to 4:00. then 5:00. i woke up past 5 without even remembering that i have to wake up for this day.

from 5:00 onwards, i answered friendster surveys, changed my shout out.. and other unnecessary things. 6:00 i got ready. i left at 6:30 with a vacuum mug of coffee in hand.

i bought 3 kgs of nanners. at walang kambal na saging. grr.

when i got to the elem building, i just sat there under that same exact shade which covered the mound i first tripped upon on my first (or second) day in UPIS. just savoring the quiet and the cold. the sun was bright and sunshine clear, but i felt so sunny and bright that i didn't feel warm at all. just being one with nature, the crisp air and my morning coffee.

after a few hours, wow, si Bajuju!! then she told me that we were supposed to meet at the other side of the building. when we got there, the others were there already. Mec, eca, marvic.. then pael.. mikee.. aj..luds.. there. then we went to the place where we make magic.

galit ang parents ni Aj. kasi di kami sumabay sa car nila. and other reasons. nuff said.

tapos. swimming time! grabe! tan lines! i got subtly bronzed. my shoulders went rosy. the bridge of my nose and the upper part of my cheeks were peach. ang cute. hehe. swimming swimming lang. 7 feet. wahahaha.

tapos kain. laro. 123-pass! 2 times ako natalo. 3 times ako nanalo! pakyaw!! HAHA.yung consequence yung pink na powder ng ponds. si pael nagmukhang majinbu.
tapos jinojoktaym namin yung avatar (the show)

ayun. pics to come soon as jewy gets home! loooools. :p yayayayayayayaya... bilis jew! im excited

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